July 10 2015
When the gym becomes a gathering place - a movement - it changes people's lives, and it changes the community it serves... View More
March 25 2015
When the right people are found, the investment of formal fitness education and training is much easier to swallow... View More
Nov. 10 2014
To develop trust, your fitness client must believe what you believe... View More
Sept. 28 2014
For years, I used the words "coach" and "trainer" interchangeably. I didn't realize the difference until my first interview for a personal training job. I fed the gym owner some cringe-inducing cliché... View More
book review
Aug. 2 2014
Greg Brittenham, one of basketball's most respected strength and conditioning coaches along with Daniel Taylor have combined over 300 exercises, core training philosophy and training programs in their... View More
book review
July 2 2014
There are books you pick-up once, skim through, then find an appropriately systematic home for it on your bookshelf. Then there are those few books that never make it to your bookshelf because they become... View More
book review
June 2 2014
Morc Coulson's second edition of The Fitness Instructor's Handbook is a comprehensive guide covering detailed anatomy, principles of fitness, programming, behavior change and goal setting. The guide is... View More
book review
May 2 2014
Nick Tumminello, founder of Performance University is one of the most prolific fitness writers, coaches and innovators in the industry. His recently released his book, Strength Training for Fat Loss, lives... View More
April 29 2014
You. You are fat. Your clients are fat, and as a matter of fact so is your mother. The real question is why are we so offended by the mere mention of the word fat? Like it or not, fat is the third most... View More
book review
April 2 2014
Written by two endurance athletes, combined with an extensive background in food as well as in fitness, The Athlete's Cookbook is a perfect addition to your shelf: whether it's alongside your cookbooks... View More
book review
March 2 2014
Comprehensive business books specifically focused on the fitness industry are far and few between. Authors Bradley Sheppard and Jason Urbanowicz have written a complete start-to-finish guide for creating... View More
book review
Feb. 2 2014
Mark Verstegen, founder of EXOS and author of Core Performance, along with Pete Williams, have released Every Day is Game Day, a completely integrated program for elite performance. This comprehensive... View More
book review
Jan. 2 2014
At the core of any successful fitness professional is a firm understanding of human anatomy and the effective application of safe, effective movement. Bret Contreras, MS, CSCS, has compiled years of research... View More
book review
Dec. 2 2013
There are few books that captivate a reader with both a sense of insatiable motivation to accomplish great things and give the tangible tools necessary to take meaningful action toward greater success.... View More
book review
Nov. 2 2013
While there are endless resources on marketing and advertising principles and strategy; go-to books on how these principles and strategies apply specifically to fitness professionals are more difficult... View More
book review
Oct. 2 2013
There is no question that the value of bodyweight training continues to resonate with fitness professionals. Bret Contreras has published a comprehensive guide that not only includes a plethora of bodyweight... View More
book review
Sept. 2 2013
Evan Osar, a chiropractic physician and founder of Fitness Education Seminars has released his comprehensive book, Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction. Specializing in... View More
book review
Aug. 2 2013
Human Kinetics has released a new addition to their Sport Performance Series: Developing Speed. It's a perfect guide to add to your reference library, particularly for fitness professionals who train... View More
book review
June 1 2013
One could argue that what separates the good from the great in our industry, aside from superior knowledge of the science of exercise and the human body, is the ability to effectively connect with people... View More
book review
May 1 2013
One of my favorite genres to read is mindset, particularly as it relates to success in business, in personal goals and in helping my clients succeed. Loren Fogelman, a sports performance consultant, shares... View More