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May 16 2024
Imagine walking into a digitized gym where every machine and barbell is equipped with smart weights and is connected to your client’s wearable device, an app and a leaderboard. It might seem like... View More
May 8 2024
Technology can help. It provides the data we need to make the good decisions that help us build what we all want — more profitable businesses... View More
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Dec. 19 2023
One of the most important decisions you have when deciding which software platforms to purchase as a fitness business owner is whether you want to use a closed or an open software platform. If you are
Aug. 25 2023
Many trainers who have transitioned to online have found that the length of time clients stay is often shorter than that of offline clients. It makes sense... View More
June 12 2023
In 21 years, I’ve managed to create three things that went viral online. That is one viral piece of content every 7 years. Truthfully, that is a far better average than most who may never create... View More
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May 4 2023
Did you know 68% of online experiences start with a search engine? Ask yourself, are you searchable?... View More
April 20 2023
When I think about marketing, it’s really just connecting with people — and there are any number of things we can do online that mirror proven offline methods... View More
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Feb. 7 2023
An average client sees a fitness professional three times a week; that’s a total of about three hours. Three hours out of 168 hours in a week; 12 hours out of 672 in a four-week span. One of the... View More
Jan. 3 2023
When people talk about marketing or advertising, they are usually focused on reaching more people. While this is important, it’s only part of the equation when it comes to generating more clients
Nov. 23 2022
Creating a good relationship with technology in fitness management means finding the sweet spot between putting our heads in the sand and running ragged trying to keep up... View More
Nov. 21 2022
It’s scary to think that technology can replace humans.At some level (at least let’s hope) nothing will replace human connection. We need it if we plan to thrive as humanity... View More
Nov. 17 2022
The participants in one of our coaching programs recently completed a MyZone Challenge. Using MyZone belts, we connected through the app to follow each other’s workouts and to track our own progress
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Nov. 3 2022
When it comes to online marketing, most fitness business owners are pretty limited in what they choose to do... View More
July 4 2022
The hidden costs to building custom software... View More
July 15 2021
By getting creative with online platforms, you can still give your clients the personal interaction they crave... View More
Sept. 8 2020
Fitness professionals have experienced a sharp pivot in recent months — from live group fitness experiences and one-on-one coaching to the world of virtual fitness. As gym closures began to hit the
June 24 2020
4 ways to navigate strategically and generate cashflow... View More
June 10 2020
The future of fitness is trending toward an online presence... View More
Feb. 25 2020
Technology has taken over fitness. Everywhere you look, your potential clients are tracking their workouts and nutrition on their watches and phones, downloading how-to videos from the internet, and j
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Feb. 19 2020
Seven in ten business leaders today are worried about their ability to adopt new technologies, according to the 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index... View More