July 12 2010
I bought a wireless printer. I hooked it up, followed the directions, installed the software and went to my computer to print a document. Suddenly, like magic, the printer -- are you ready for this? --... View More
June 8 2010
The blistering heat, the packed lakes and the overflowing movie theaters are always an indication for me that it is summer time! Whether you like summer time or not, it is here, and we in the fitness industry... View More
May 27 2010
Other than a fitness professional or a personal trainer, what do you consider yourself? A lifestyle coach? A health expert? A motivator? A business man or woman? An innovator? Being an extraordinary trainer... View More
May 25 2010
Have you ever been called out by a client? I was years ago and my priorities changed in an instant. I had always prided myself on knowing that I was focused on the client and their life, their goals. Their... View More
May 14 2010
There'sa lot more to punctuality than just a few wasted minutes; it's amatter of self-esteem, respect and image. You communicate a lot by how youvalue your time and the time of others. Valuing time management... View More
May 5 2010
One of my favorite shows on television right now is Deal or No Deal. I am sure you have all seen this show. Basically, a contestant chooses a briefcase by random hoping their case holds a one-million-dollar... View More
April 27 2010
How to create a team environment and boost retention for your personal training business (and eight systems you can use to keep it going) Personal training has been a very valuable profession for many... View More
April 14 2010
Salesin its traditional sense, is a weird subject for personal trainers. Ifyou're familiar with my articles in PFP, you know that most of my advice isdesigned to help you sell yourself. If you get good... View More
April 7 2010
Last month, there was excitement, pressure and high expectations as Kansas and Northern Iowa took the center stage for March Madness! According to the media and the sports channels, Kansas was favored... View More
March 10 2010
Frustration -- that was the look on my old friend’s face as I walked into the club last week and headed up to do my cardio. Irritation -- that was the look on my face because I despise cardio so... View More
March 9 2010
If you’re like me, you’ve got many clients who have been training with you for a long time. Most of them look great, are incredibly healthy and certainly don’t have much more body fat... View More
March 5 2010
Fifteen years ago, when I was freelance fitness writer and not yet in our industry, I was in a chain gym doing an article for a magazine. One of the trainers at that gym struck up a conversation with me... View More
Feb. 17 2010
While I was as the health club the other day doing my cardio, I looked down from the mezzanine and saw at least a dozen trainers working their clients out and whipping them into shape. I really enjoy seeing... View More
Feb. 12 2010
As personal trainers, our jobs for the most part are brain-dead simple. Sure, we studied, we have certifications, and many of us went to college to learn what we know, but here’s the irony: We rarely... View More
Feb. 10 2010
We've all had whiny clients. You know, the ones who always tell you thatthis hurts or that it's uncomfortable, or that there is some reason they whyit's tougher on them than it is on anyone else. Because... View More
Feb. 3 2010
Itis now 2010. Health clubs and fitness studios across the countryarecurrently dealing with an influx of members. Their desireisto conquer New Year's resolutions. Sadly, seven out of 10 peoplestartwith... View More
Feb. 3 2010
450personal trainers were asked what their primary challengeisin building a lucrative and secure fitness future,and374 of them agreed that the greatest challenge is theacquisitionof new clients.Thatsimple... View More
Feb. 3 2010
Motivationis a fickle thing. Like any emotion, it's unreliable. Yet it stillcolorsso much of our life experience, and it's a primary element that we, asfitnessprofessionals, are charged with bringing into... View More
Jan. 29 2010
Motivation doesn’t work. It is an emotion: “I feel motivated.” And anyone over the age of 19 knows that emotions are fickle, subject to change for no apparent reason. It doesn’t... View More
Jan. 15 2010
After being in the fitness business for years, it’s easy to get a little jaded toward New Year’s resolutions. When 95% of people go back to their old habits by February and gyms that are packed... View More