April 24 2024
When you think of a hero, who comes to mind? A real-life hero might be described as someone who steps up in a crisis, who is admired for courage or noble qualities, or someone who... View More
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Nov. 7 2023
Referrals SHOULD be your primary source of new business. Many fitness professionals are on the hunt for the next great marketing tactic while completely ignoring the best source for business growth... View More
Sept. 21 2023
How do we value customer relationships? We often think of customer relationships as the thing we do to connect with our customers such as sending newsletters, thank you cards, issuing challenges and o
Sept. 11 2023
We celebrate our kids pretty well. As a mom of a recent high school graduate, I attended athletic, academic and scholarship banquets, grad parties and even a senior sunrise breakfast celebration... View More
Aug. 25 2023
Many trainers who have transitioned to online have found that the length of time clients stay is often shorter than that of offline clients. It makes sense... View More
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July 13 2023
As personal trainers, our clients only spend about two to five hours a week with us and yet we are relied upon heavily for our expertise — and with that, an expectation to deliver results... View More
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Feb. 1 2023
The fitness industry is full of high-energy, larger than life personalities. And while the extroverted trainer may be the boldest personality in the gym, introverts are everywhere quietly making a difference
Jan. 3 2023
When people talk about marketing or advertising, they are usually focused on reaching more people. While this is important, it’s only part of the equation when it comes to generating more clients
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Dec. 7 2022
It is often said that we should give our clients “a combination of what they want and what they need.” Instead, I prefer to say training is about giving our clients “what they need to... View More
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Sept. 16 2022
A long and happy client-trainer relationship is a crucial part of the business of personal training. Having clients that swear by you for years, are willing to pay you your price and get you referrals
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Sept. 1 2022
We are inundated with ways to communicate with one another these days... View More
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Aug. 30 2022
You set up your Instagram account, you tested a few Facebook ads and perhaps you even registered your studio on Google My Business hoping to get a few more clicks; however, the leads... View More
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Aug. 17 2022
One of the greatest challenges we face as fitness professionals is motivation; not our personal motivation, but client motivation... View More
July 12 2022
This past year has been a wild one, to say the least. No one could have predicted it was coming, and when it did no one knew how to handle it.It’s important to acknowledge that this past year has... View More
Nov. 29 2021
Behavior change is the underrated element for creating long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes... View More
July 15 2021
By getting creative with online platforms, you can still give your clients the personal interaction they crave... View More
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Jan. 2 2020
Delivering performance feedback to employees is something that few business owners or managers enjoy doing, nor are very skilled at. Being able to give effective feedback is one of the most impactful skills... View More
April 3 2019
Through the ever changing fads of the fitness industry, one thing remains the same... personally connecting to your client is the most important factor in client retention... View More
April 3 2019
Create a culture for our clients that establishes us as their go-to resource for educational questions... View More
Jan. 3 2019
Educated clients take personal responsibility for their own health and well-being... View More