This quick, effective session focuses on dynamic stretches and mobility exercises, designed to energize your day and improve overall movement.
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Performed with suspension straps, this full-body movement is an excellent addition to a warm-up sequence.
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Join FiTOUR® ProTrainer, Dolly Stokes, this week as she shares how active aging adults can incorporate HIIT to improve cardio capacity.
Join FiTOUR® ProTrainer, Dolly Stokes, to learn strategies to improve your client’s function and balance as they navigate curbs or stairs.
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This exercise of the week is an example of challenging core movements within a Tabata-style workout.
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Learn how to perform five beginner-friendly knee exercises. These exercises help strengthen your knees and promote overall joint health and mobility.
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Learn how to incorporate functional stair climbing drills to help clients perform their activities of daily living (ADLs) with ease. Explore a functional movement pattern to help navigate curbs and stairs.
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Short on time but craving a solid full body workout? Armor up with these 5 FitFighter favorite moves to help you MoveSTRONG and challenge your whole body with this heart pumping and muscle blasting circuit.
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Performed with suspension straps, this challenging movement builds lower-body strength and power; it is an excellent cardiovascular exercise as well.
The Sidekick Kneeling exercise isolates the leg movement from the torso and is perfect for enhancing stability and balance.
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These three variations of lunging exercises, using the unique Hydro-Inertia® feature of the Surge® Storm, challenge total body strength and core stabilization.
Use your body as a self-anchoring system for increasing the effectiveness of foundational mobility exercises like Open Book and core strengthening exercises like Bird Dog.
Follow these three-dimensional movement patterns for core strength with some effective balance challenges!
Learn strategies that can help clients move more functionally throughout their activities of daily living (ADLs) by focusing on activating the posterior muscles
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The "Bosu Ball Rebound" drill can be done anywhere with minimal equipment requirements.
To maximize glute work for function, performance and aesthetics, we can create the optimal glute demand by working in all planes and along multiple vectors.