Our industry is saturated with gyms, boutiques, studios and personal trainers. It is a crowded marketplace with lots of competition. This can be a double edge sword; it can push you to get better or pound you into oblivion. If a business is going to survive and even thrive there must be standard that is set. From the moment a prospective client enters your domain they must feel as if they have had the best service and experience, unlike any they have had. The following are items to concentrate on to stand out in the crowd:

Quality of Service: It is expected that you have the highest of service. Your clients seek you out because of the experience and service you have given to someone they know. Shoot for the every dollar your clients spend that they receive ten times the value and service or their investment. This will set you apart from the rest.

Methods and Tools: Do you expect the client to adapt to your programming or does your programming adapt to them? To provide the best service, you must adapt to your clients. Give them a program suited for them, this adds value to the client and increases the standard of service you provide.

Responsiveness: People expect for you to get back to them. Within reason, you should always return phone calls, emails and texts within an appropriate amount of time. This shows your willingness to help and serve your clients.

Credentials: In 11 years I have never been asked what my certifications were, it was always expected and understood that I had them. However, you should always have your credentials on display for prospective and current clients. This builds creditably in yourself and increases the value of the service you provide.

Client Importance: Most clients understand that they are not the only ones you train. However, it should feel like they are the only one that matters when you are training them. Your attentiveness and concentration on them and only them should be on high alert and they need to know and feel it. This fact alone dramatically increases your value and service.

It is a crowded playing field with a litany of options for the consumer. The difference maker is not everyone supplies the experience and service that a select few do. The above will set you apart from your peers and help you retain and attain new clients.