"If you don't understand people, you don't understand business," an accomplished author and speaker Simon Sinek states. I believe in this statement. In fact I will go out on a limb and say most fail in business because they fail to gain and keep the trust of their customer thus failing to understand them.

Trust is a human feeling. Our survival as a race depends on trust. To develop trust your customer must believe what you believe. The best organizations should do and say what they actually believe, this develops trust thus developing a community of shared beliefs and raving fans out in the community spreading the word about your business. The life of your business depends on it.

Think about a scenario where you do a lot of research on a car you want to buy. You go through all the magazines and review articles and decide that the Chevy Cruze is the best car. You then go to your friend's house, who is a car guy, and he says that the Honda Accord is much better. He completely turned your research on its head. You now go to the car dealership to buy a Honda. Why? You trust your friend. You believe what he believes. Ask yourself what you believe and then ask yourself do your clients know and believe in what you believe.

How can this be accomplished?

1. Decide what your beliefs are. Write them down and use them in your marketing messages. For example if you believe you give the best experience tell your audience that you challenge the status quo and are in the business of transforming lives, you just happen to be a personal trainer. This message is much different than I help you lost body fat because I have great periodize workouts.

2. Sell to people who believe what you believe. No matter where you are in your career as a trainer you must have clients that believe in you and what you stand for. Sell to those people. Capture their attention through your messages and garner referrals from them.

3. Be authentic. Be who you are. Share your why with everyone who will want to hear. No one cares what you do, how you do it but they do care why you do it.

These are important human relations principles we can all take a lot from. Implement these into your daily operations and your business will soar.