book review

There are books you pick-up once, skim through, then find an appropriately systematic home for it on your bookshelf. Then there are those few books that never make it to your bookshelf because they become an unequivocal part of your practice. Ben Greenfield - coach, nutritionist, speaker, ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete and Spartan racer, gives the reader the perfect blend of science, story and practical expertise for any success-driven individual looking to master endurance, health and life in his newest book, Beyond Training. Don't be dissuaded by the sheer size of the book; over 450 pages complete with tables, charts, indexes and scientific references. This is a book for any fitness professional, endurance athlete or everyday fitness enthusiast who has an appreciation for understanding the why as much as the how. It's guaranteed to be that book that never finds a permanent home on your bookshelf.

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