• The most common issues that plague post-mastectomy patients are Upper-crossed Syndrome (UCS) and range of motion limitations in the affected shoulder
  • There comes a point in the career of many personal trainers when the idea of opening a personal training studio or gym seems like the only next logical career step. Many trainers would say they’ve b
  • Have you ever been in a low place financially? Maybe it was significant debt, creditors harassing you, or perhaps you even came close (or worse) to losing the house or car
  • Melody L Schoenfeld, our February 2020 Trainer of the Month, started training in 1996. Having been bullied growing up, Melody was surprised to learn as an adult that she had real physical strength —
  • In 1999, The Sopranos and Family Guy made their television debuts, Britney Spears released “Baby One More Time,” and Ricky Martin was “Livin’ La Vida Loca...”
  • Colleagues from all corners of the industry shared with us trends and insights of what they anticipate in 2020. From social media and employment trends to the competitive landscape, it is still obviou


We’ve dedicated our 20th anniversary issue to celebrating both the history and the future of fitness. There is no more perfect embodiment of our theme "Looking Back to Look Ahead" than the subject of our cover story, Jack LaLanne. The article’s author, Greg Justice, captures his spirit beautifully in his tribute to the “Godfather of Fitness.”