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Our Mission — To provide relevant, useful information to enable fitness professionals to be successful financially through sound business practices and training expertise.

Our Staff — We have a dedicated staff that works diligently to accomplish our mission. They enjoy hearing from you about your opinions, comments on information we provide or questions you need answered.

Chad Griepentrog President
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Josh Vogt Publisher & National Sales Director
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Erin Eagan Editor
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Rachel Chapman Audience Development Manager
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Kelli Cooke Creative Director

Advisory Board Lindsay Vastola, Greg Justice, Farel Hruska, Joey Percia

Brief Historical Look — While personal training has been in existence for quite some time, it was not until PFP (Personal Fitness Professional) was created that the business of personal training blossomed. Personal trainers have traditionally been under-compensated for their levels of responsibilities. We understood there was a need to educate personal trainers on how to earn more money while improving their services to clients. On that basis, we published our first edition of PFP magazine in 1999. We could not have predicted at the time how successful PFP would become. Personal trainers by the thousands subscribed in our first year, hungry for information, and within three years, we had tens of thousands of subscribers. Today, we are the leading provider of business information for personal trainers.

Your Information, Your Way — For 24 years, PFP has been committed to educating and empowering all levels of fitness and health professionals. PFP strives to give these professionals the tools they need to succeed and covers all aspects of the industry, including: improving and expanding business; new exercises and tips for training better; and the latest trends that trainers, group instructors, directors and owners need to know to stay competitive. In the next year and beyond, we will continue to provide credible education and solutions to help fitness professionals achieve their goals and dreams through print, digital, online and direct media assets. 
PFP is a product of MadMen3, LLC, a multimedia company since 2019.