book review
May 4 2012
Greg Justice, MA, released his newest book, Treadside Manner: Confessions of a Serial Personal Trainer. Justice shares his honest stories and experiences of over 46,000 hours of training while reminding... View More
March 1 2012
Business has evolved over the years due to technological advances like the internet, which has increased the mobility of our business life. Most companies are unable to survive without this flexibility.... View More
March 1 2012
Perception is Reality. What is your clients' perception of your business? Whether you're running an outdoor boot camp or have an indoor facility, it's important to run your business in a professional manner.... View More
Feb. 3 2012
Building strong, lasting professional relationships during your career is something that you should research, begin immediately and continue throughout your career. A reputation for professionalism, honesty... View More
Feb. 3 2012
What is the single most important thing that makes members happy? Consistency! Consistent products and services are the most important element of running any business. You yourself live by this rule. You... View More
Aug. 3 2011
Gainingmomentum in the fitness industry when you are just diving in can be a challenge,especially if you're trying to build your first client base. Whether you'relooking for more clients in your gym or... View More
Aug. 3 2011
Whether our client is a novice exerciser or Ironman athlete, as fitness professionals, it is our obligation to educate our clients about the critical importance of rest and recovery for optimal performance.... View More
Aug. 1 2011
Lynn did three workouts with me and then she whined and complained and told me the sky was falling. I went to her house, dragged her by her collar, put a medicine ball in her hand and forced her to do... View More
Aug. 1 2011
DO you remember the very first product you everofferedto your prospects and clients? Think backlong, long ago when you were first starting out...Your first product was time with you, the trainerwho would... View More
July 20 2011
If you'renew to the fitness profession or a veteran seeking to reinvigorate your fitnessbusiness, there is one piece of advice to take seriously: find your niche.Many fitnessprofessionals become misdirected... View More
July 11 2011
In the beginning of my training career, I would do everything I could just to keep a steady income. My schedule was dictated by the demand of my clients and with that came the dreaded split shift. I would... View More
July 6 2011
Many fitnessprofessionals are often daunted and overwhelmed by the concept of"marketing." It is often thought of as synonymous with"hard-selling," making quick, pressured sales or simply having agreat... View More
June 22 2011
One of my longtime clients recently said, "You make it personal while always keeping it professional." She said that upon completing her 3,168th personal training session with me. She's one of 20... View More
June 22 2011
We often get so caught up in generating new business that we neglect the relationships we have with our current clients. Whether you hold a book of clients in a gym or are an independent fitness professional... View More
May 4 2011
I've been battling an out-of-alignment hip, which made itself known through shooting knee pain late in a 14-mile run. This injury, where my right hip was higher than my left, has plagued me for more than... View More
May 3 2011
As a certified personal trainer, a good first impression isvital to the success of our business. Our first impression comes in the form ofa personal assessment and provides an opportunity to establish... View More
April 20 2011
I was reminded today of an importantcoaching concept that is so relevant to trainers but often overlooked -- theart of getting compliance. One of my clients struggles to lose weight becausethree or four... View More
April 6 2011
I spoke last month at the NSCA Personal Training Conference in Las Vegas to a great group of beginning and veteran trainers. The audience seemed to eat up many of the tactics I've used to build a business... View More
March 28 2011
Fitness boot camps continue to be one of the fastest growing fitness trends... and they are likely here to stick around. Here's our reality as boot camp owners: we are probably no longer the only gig in... View More
March 23 2011
The client who shows up religiously for their exercise program, brings in their completed meal/water/exercise logs, asks questions and tracks their progress in relation to the goals they worked out with... View More