You desperately desire to grow your audience. You believe people can benefit from your experience or expertise. You’re eager to connect and collaborate with others. Suddenly, you’re inspired to write.

You sit down, intent on producing meaningful content that will make a difference.

You prep yourself accordingly, ensuring there’s pen, paper or printer ink to withstand your writing process. Then, it hits. The sinking sensation of doubt. “How do I write? “

It’s a simple question that is quickly complicated by attempts to create a generic ‘how to’ practice for publication. Broad approaches offer lackluster appeal. Sincere writing is founded upon unique perspective and passion.

  • What makes your viewpoint unique? Revisit your initial desire. Identify what you offer and how it’s different from what’s on the market. Often, this is the most painstaking part of the process. It requires time and patience. However, the effort is evident to readers. Remember, passion is palpable.
  • Highlight and elaborate purpose. What purpose is gained by reading your work? As a writer, is your purpose identifiable? Take time to trace purpose. Readers seek connection. In finding purpose, a relationship is formed.
  • Discuss your work. Sometimes writing is a lonely practice. But, collaboration is key. By approaching experts or potential readers with ideas and samples you foster feedback that enables genuine growth. Reader feedback is a gift that guides you. It empowers you to delve deeper into writing.

In order to write authentically for any audience you need to believe that your ideas and plans matter. Seek out passion and purpose in your work and conspire with others to help form writing that reflects your intentions. Writing and reading should begin and end with reflection. In finding and sharing your authentic appeal, you invite readers to do the same.