book review

Jonathan Goodman, creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center, has released his book Ignite the Fire: The Secrets of Building a Successful Personal Training Career and already has glowing endorsements by some of the top fitness industry leaders. Goodman's passion for empowering fitness professionals oozes in each chapter, offering the perfect blend of anecdotes, tips and sage advice to even the most seasoned professional. Goodman's book is unique in that though he offers tangible business-building advice, it is not simply a read on "business-strategy for your fitness business." Goodman offers unique insight into understanding your core clientele, how to create meaningful relationships with various client-types and how your ability to nurture these relationships contributes to your ultimate business success. This is an often overlooked, but critical aspect of a successful personal training career, and Goodman successfully fills this void. Ignite your fire and add this book to your must-read list for 2013!

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