book review

As fitness professionals, more often than not, we understand that many of our clients' issues with losing weight and reaching goals are beyond lack of exercise and poor eating habits. There often is a deep-rooted imbalance in their life. Many of our clients (and many of us as well) don't pay attention to what they really are lacking; they lack balance between work, life, body and spirit; they feel underappreciated and unattractive and they spend more of their precious energy taking care of others, neglecting their own health and well-being. Jennifer Tuma-Young, dubbed by Women's World Magazine as one of "America's Ultimate Experts," has just released her book Balance your Life, Balance the Scale, published by Harper-Collins. Jennifer shares her signature B.A.L.A.N.C.E. program that she has shared with thousands of women to create balance, release the weight and ultimately to help them feel amazing. This book is not a typical diet book, it's a proven action plan that will motivate, inspire and produce results. Add this to your repertoire of reading and be sure to share it with your clients.

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