Jan. 5 2011
If you don't work for an employer who gives you a Yearly Review, you should do one yourself. They are really that valuable. The benefit of having an employer do one is you get an objective opinion on your... View More
Dec. 21 2010
After writing the Journey to Success profiles of highly paid, highly sought-after trainers for two years now, I've found one thing that many of them have in common: they take the week between Christmas... View More
Dec. 10 2010
During this time of year, we are placing many things in abox and wrapping them up to look great. The only think we cannot keep in thebox this part of the year is our creativity! We, as professional trainers,... View More
Dec. 8 2010
If you need some inspiration on ab exercises to integrate into your client's workout, look no further. Abs Revealed is a full-color, full-picture guide to helping your client create the six-pack to keep... View More
Dec. 8 2010
I spoke at a business luncheon this week and my goal was to not onlygenerate business for our studio but also to, in the minds of those in theaudience, create a wide gap between my trainers and what they... View More
Nov. 23 2010
When is the last time you expressed sincere gratitude to each client? To your boss? To your employees? To your co-workers? To everybody who makes what you do possible? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; consider... View More
Nov. 22 2010
So many times in our articles, at least in my articles, Itry to focus on things that will bring value to our personal trainingbusiness. I try to show creative ways toearn new business, keep current business... View More
Nov. 11 2010
Whether you buy The Impact Body Plan for a client or for yourself, it is a must have. Author Todd Durkin is well on his way to becoming a legend in this industry, and you'll see why once you read this... View More
Nov. 11 2010
I have a quote taped to the inside of the notebook by which I live my life. That quote, by Robert Heinlein, reads, "In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily... View More
Oct. 29 2010
Look around and it is clear what time of year it is! The cobwebs,plastic skeletons and orange everywhere you look indicate that it's time forHalloween. This weekend, cute little kids in their little costumes... View More
Oct. 27 2010
What if every time you trained a client, they walked away not only having had a great workout, but also with a tidbit of information or inspiration to carry with them through the rest of the day? Imagine... View More
Oct. 15 2010
I want to talk to you about a topic that's pretty elusive to most health club operators and trainers: converting members into personal training clients. In fact, most health clubs undervalue the benefits... View More
Oct. 13 2010
For those with triathlon or cycling clients, this a great book to recommend or keep in your arsenal. The Time-Crunched Cyclist, written by Lance Armstrong's personal cycling coach Chris Carmichael, offers... View More
Oct. 13 2010
After the initial burst of fitness enthusiasm is over, a client can sometimes get flaky. Suddenly training sessions don't take the precedence they once did, eating gets sloppy, and body fat and circumference... View More
Sept. 22 2010
Have you ever noticed during the times in your life when your personal workouts are stale, you're semi-burnt out, and you wade through your training sessions in rote fashion, that your clients aren't that... View More
Sept. 10 2010
Summer has nearly come to an end, people are returning from their vacations, the big rush to get into shape for the beach has justabout drizzled out. So, we need to shake things up a bit. We want to make... View More
Sept. 8 2010 Another great book by Velopress,One-Hour Workouts is a tremendous tool for trainers. With a bike, run or swim workout on each page, trainers can pull expert workouts for endurance... View More
Sept. 8 2010
Sometimes our clients need tough love. Your client's spouse, mom, best friend and coworkers are all telling her what she wants to hear: "You've worked hard today. Don't do it if you dont feel like it."... View More
Sept. 3 2010
Summer is almost over and it's "Back to School" time again. While parents celebrate their children's return to class and a bit of freedom throughout the day, fitness professionals rejoice at the return... View More
Sept. 1 2010
Having the right tool can make all the difference when it comes to getting results for your clients. But with all that's out there, how do you know what the right tools are and when to use them? To answer... View More