Dec. 29 2008
There has been a lot of skepticism around magnetism over the last decade. Many of you have probably heard many claims, and maybe some of these you couldn�t even explain, except by... View More
Dec. 29 2008
In our hurry to solve problems, we forget that the key to solving them lies at the root. This is my major lament with the poorly named youth �obesity� problem.... View More
Dec. 10 2008
They purchase 51% of all personal training sessions, control over two trillion dollars of all disposable income and are being driven your way by chronic disease and the longing for the fountain of youth.... View More
Nov. 24 2008
Have any of your clients and friends recently asked you, “So how is business going during this recession we are in?â€❠I chuckle at... View More
Nov. 24 2008
Personal fitness training is a profession. I’ll stand behind that statement without the least bit of hesitation. Those of us who are committed to excellence, who have commanded a knowledge... View More
Nov. 7 2008
With over 10 million people participating in Pilates today, there's no wonder personal trainers are jumping at the chance to certify. By adding Pilates to their current repertoire, they can retain more... View More
Sept. 23 2008
It happens to the best of all trainers at some point in their career: the training ruts. When you get up at 4:00 AM, check your schedule, drag into work, thinking about everything you have to do today,... View More
Sept. 8 2008
Friend Trainer The negative image of "Friend" is where many trainers fall into, and it's a trap that's hard to avoid. We all do eventually become very comfortable around our clients, and at that point,... View More
Sept. 8 2008
[Read Part 2 - Avoiding negative images] Like tennis bad-boy Andre Agassi was famous for saying, "Image is everything.€VbCrLf... View More
Aug. 21 2008
In personal training — or in any exercise, for that matter — it is crucial to avoid reaching a plateau in one's regimen. Your client has specifically sought out your expertise and has a certain... View More
Aug. 21 2008
"Hello, I'm raw material with desire, integrity and hunger." That quote is precisely what we'd like to find emanating from the darkness in mining for human capital. For those who are presently accomplished... View More
Aug. 13 2008
Have you ever thought about the significance of a mission statement, your personal representation for your existence as a professional? By knowing and understanding your own or your teams mission statement,... View More
Aug. 6 2008
As a club owner, manager or other staff member, have you ever wondered what seniors look for in a health club? Obviously, with the growing older adult population, this should be a concern for your facility.... View More
July 24 2008
Missed part one? [Click here] to read it! In your quest to choose a specialty, you need to ask yourself a few questions: · ... View More
July 11 2008
Here are three exercises you can do that can help you grasp the power you have as a fitness professional at this point in time: 1. Watch a presidential debate, and start your stopwatch. Within 15... View More
July 11 2008
Wasting time and money is never a good feeling. Protect your precious time by planning your academic calendar and carefully choosing continuing education units (CEUs) and continuing education credits (CECs)... View More
July 3 2008
At my barbershop recently, I observed an interesting phenomenon. All the barbers there will cut the hair of anybody that walks through the door. Every new customer is an adventure in haircutting for them,... View More
June 16 2008
The NSCA Certification Commission recently conducted a national job analysis survey (JAS) of strength and conditioning and personal training professionals to revalidate the Certified Strength and Conditioning... View More
BY A-ha
June 13 2008
There's plain sight, and then there are the most powerful thoughts that can steer and redirect the course of a business: insights! Hindsight is valuable. It's the reassessment of the relationship when... View More
June 13 2008
>>Missed Part 1? Click here to read it! Bouncing Bouncing is term I introduced into personal training because... View More