Feb. 10 2010
Whether you've trained for years or decades, sometimes your repertoire ofexercises can get a bit stale. That's why I love books like Hardcore Circuit Training for Men. Withvery little copy, it instantly... View More
Feb. 3 2010
Itis now 2010. Health clubs and fitness studios across the countryarecurrently dealing with an influx of members. Their desireisto conquer New Year's resolutions. Sadly, seven out of 10 peoplestartwith... View More
Jan. 13 2010
The definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I believe that in our business, everyone wants to succeed.... View More
Dec. 23 2009
An engine has many different mechanical components that lead to a car’s overall performance. Just like engines, incentive programs come in all shapes and sizes. While incentive programs have many... View More
Time Management
Dec. 2 2009
This is an exciting season in our business, but it is also such a demand on our schedules. Time management will be the key... View More
Nov. 18 2009
Looking around, it is obvious the holiday season is upon us. I am already seeing Christmas decorations in the stores, hearing Christmas music playing while on hold and televisions already boasting of the... View More
Oct. 14 2009
In the last few months, I have seen a few great articles and comments on articles about all of the new trends and gadgets in exercise equipment. While many of us who have been in the industry see eye-to-eye... View More
Oct. 5 2009
Wouldn't it be nice to have a crystal ball into which you could gaze and determine how to best shape your career within your club? Thanks to the folks at IHRSA (International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub... View More
Sept. 29 2009
Gone are the days of boxing programs that were only made for men and women who were training for a match. Now more than ever, women are turning to boxing programs as way to stay fit and get in shape. What... View More
Sept. 2 2009
In one of my latest articles entitled “’Personal’ Trainer or ‘Professional’ Trainer?” there was a comment on the article that posed what I felt to be a good... View More
Aug. 26 2009
As I write, professional cycling's best and brightest are pedaling through the mountains and plains of Spain in the Giro d'Italia, arguably the sport’s second most grueling multi-stage race behind... View More
Aug. 19 2009
We are on the brink of an exciting BOOM! If you have not seen it yet, I am sure you will. As people are losing their insurance and purchasing insurance outside of work is becoming so expensive that it... View More
July 17 2009
Managing a personal training department requires a number of skills, not the least of which is creating and enforcing systems to ensure that results are generated in a reproducible fashion. As the leader... View More
July 17 2009
These days, it seems like everyone is talking about Facebook and Twitter. The problem is that you have Facebook and Twitter accounts and only seem to waste time talking to old high school friends. So are... View More
July 15 2009
Keeping a perspective on who we are and what we do is sometimes very difficult simply because of the nature of our business and how long we have been doing this. Because we work with one of the most intimate... View More
July 10 2009
What do schools, corporate workplaces and home offices all have in common? Each is experimenting with jettisoning an old-school concept to replace traditional chairs with exercise balls. Generically known... View More
June 3 2009
I just recently wrote an article in PFP for the May on how to save money during hard economic times, both for the employer and employee (Click here to read>>). What I realized was it is very difficult... View More
June 1 2009
Most of us have heard the saying, "When one door closes, another door opens." In this economic time, I believe the saying will change to, "When one door closes, the ones beside it have or will be doing... View More
May 26 2009
It's easy to sell personal training when a prospect approaches you, check-in-hand and committed to making a positive change in his or her life. The most effective (and well-paid) trainers, however, can... View More
May 13 2009
As career trainers, we find ourselves in a very “comfortable” situation. We have the benefit of usually knowing who our clients are because we have worked with them for awhile. We know their... View More