What if every time you trained a client, they walked away not only having had a great workout, but also with a tidbit of information or inspiration to carry with them through the rest of the day? Imagine the added value you'd bring to the client. And imagine the referrals you would get if all of your clients repeated to their friends every day, "My trainer said to me today..."

When you are planning your workouts, think of something inspirational you can share with the client to make his or her day that much better. Teach them how to think in terms of success, not only where their physical training is concerned, but also in their careers and home life. Motivate them to be more in every aspect of their lives.

Or share a piece of nutrition advice, a relaxing mantra, or the latest study you read. Empower your client to be the expert among their friends. And teach them how to be healthier throughout their day.