Feb. 3 2012
How do you get clients to eat right? That is one of the toughest questions that trainers face throughout their career. As a studio owner and former editor of PFP, I've spoken with countless trainers and... View More
June 22 2011
Company: Calabrese Fitness Consulting LLC Certifications: ACE, NSCA, NESTA, AAHFRP Education: Rutgers University, East Stroudsburg University Contact Info: Email: kelli@kellicalabrese.com Website: www.kellicalabrese.com... View More
June 22 2011
Over the last several years, more and more tools and gadgetshave been addedto a fitness professional's toolbox. With the clutter in ourtoolboxes, we oftenforget the tools that got us to where we are.Let's... View More
June 22 2011
Youare one of several personal trainers at your fitness center, and you wantmembersto notice and, ultimately, train with you. Some of the other trainersonthe floor include bodybuilding champions and fitness... View More
May 18 2011
A friend is going through a divorce that has left her numb and confused. She's not sure she wants to go through with the proceedings. The lawyers are pressuring her to move forward quickly but her heart... View More
May 4 2011
I've been battling an out-of-alignment hip, which made itself known through shooting knee pain late in a 14-mile run. This injury, where my right hip was higher than my left, has plagued me for more than... View More
May 4 2011
This comprehensive guide to avoiding andovercoming running injuries is a must for all fitness professionals who traindistance runners. Beginning with healthy training practices, Running Doc'sGuide to Healthy... View More
May 2 2011
Our culture is in a state of crisis with obesity at an all time high, affecting 33% of the population. Besides the obvious challenges of being overweight or obese in our world, when it comes to exercise,... View More
April 20 2011
I was reminded today of an importantcoaching concept that is so relevant to trainers but often overlooked -- theart of getting compliance. One of my clients struggles to lose weight becausethree or four... View More
April 6 2011
I spoke last month at the NSCA Personal Training Conference in Las Vegas to a great group of beginning and veteran trainers. The audience seemed to eat up many of the tactics I've used to build a business... View More
March 23 2011
During a client session, have you everconsidered that your body language may be giving signals to the client that youare unaware of? Here are a few things to consider to keep you body languageconsistent... View More
March 9 2011
It's not hard to pick out the personaltrainers at an industry event -- muscular, dressed in workout clothes eventhough they're in for full day of sitting, gallon jug of water in front of them(sitting can... View More
Feb. 23 2011
Do you believe that the more you get, the better off you'll be? Or do you believe that the more youcontribute to your team, your gym, your clients -- even when it doesn't seem atto be in your best interest... View More
Feb. 9 2011
It's the most dangerous idea a newclient can have, but it's most likely what drove them to you in the firstplace. It's the "All or Nothing" mindset, the "If I can't exercise everydayand eat perfect then... View More
Jan. 31 2011
This year promises to be prosperous for many in fitness. With a renewed enthusiasm in consumer spending and a population that is still at critical mass (no pun intended!) for weight loss and fitness guidance,... View More
Jan. 19 2011
Our clients rely on us to hold them accountable. In fact, that'sprobably the most critical part of our jobs, because if clients aren'taccountable to their goals, chances are they won't succeed.Which begs... View More
Jan. 5 2011
If you don't work for an employer who gives you a Yearly Review, you should do one yourself. They are really that valuable. The benefit of having an employer do one is you get an objective opinion on your... View More
Dec. 21 2010
After writing the Journey to Success profiles of highly paid, highly sought-after trainers for two years now, I've found one thing that many of them have in common: they take the week between Christmas... View More
Dec. 8 2010
I spoke at a business luncheon this week and my goal was to not onlygenerate business for our studio but also to, in the minds of those in theaudience, create a wide gap between my trainers and what they... View More
Dec. 7 2010
Fitness Quest 10 &Todd Durkin Enterprises EDUCATION:BS in Kinesiology, College of William& Mary; MA inBiomechanics and SportsMedicine, San DiegoState University; NewLife Institute (nowRising Spirit Institute)Massage... View More