Aug. 27 2010
Recently, I spent some time at the Children's Hospital inDetroit, Michigan. What I saw wasamazing and humbling at the same time.The children that were there with the life challenges they face on adaily... View More
Aug. 25 2010
Many of us grew up thinking that we should work hard, earn as much money as we can and eventually share some of the excess with those less fortunate. We've also been taught to "demand what you're worth"... View More
Aug. 6 2010
Each year millions of people resolve to get fit, but they quit when their gym sessions don't reap immediate results. According to Brian Sharkey, a leading fitness researcher and educator, people often... View More
July 15 2010
NDSUNorth Dakota State UniversityHealth, Nutrition and Exercise SciencePO Box 6050, Dept 2620Fargo, ND 58108701-231-8093Personal Fitness Professionals Knowledge of MRSADear Personal Fitness Professional:We... View More
July 14 2010
A great gift to give clients just starting a training program, The Skinny On Willpower: How to Develop Self-Discipline is a quick read with fun illustrations that can inspire anyone in less than an hour.... View More
July 12 2010
John Maxwell said, "Leaders must be close enough to relate to others but far enough ahead to motivate them." This statement is true when trying to extract the best out of your fitness staff and bring their... View More
July 9 2010
I believe there are three things a professional trainer should have to be at the top of the industry: a solid work ethic, continuing education and strategic relationships. In my mind, these are the foundation... View More
June 9 2010
I don't think any serious long-term trainer is without at least one of the Strength Training Anatomy books in his or her library. Built on the reputation of eye-popping illustrations of the human muscular... View More
June 8 2010
The blistering heat, the packed lakes and the overflowing movie theaters are always an indication for me that it is summer time! Whether you like summer time or not, it is here, and we in the fitness industry... View More
May 27 2010
Determining whether or not degrees and certifications truly make you a more effective trainer By Mark Roozen Trainers are often proud to let people know about their degrees, their certifications, their... View More
May 27 2010
Choosing software to help you run your business is a big decision. There are a lot of options out there, and it is a bit overwhelming figuring out what questions you need to ask, what features you need... View More
May 11 2010
First off, I'm not a vegan...oreven a vegetarian for that matter. However, I, like most health professionals,recognize the health, spiritual and environmental benefit of reducedconsumption of animal products.... View More
May 5 2010
One of my favorite shows on television right now is Deal or No Deal. I am sure you have all seen this show. Basically, a contestant chooses a briefcase by random hoping their case holds a one-million-dollar... View More
April 19 2010
It was January 12, 2010, when I watched in horror as the images of the Haiti earthquake flashed on my television. I purposely do not watch the news, but today I couldn't help myself. I couldn't believe... View More
April 14 2010
A well-put-together book withattractive food pictures, WaistlineWorkout is most beneficial for new trainers who might need help puttingtogether nutrition and exercise plans for clients.Written for the... View More
April 7 2010
Last month, there was excitement, pressure and high expectations as Kansas and Northern Iowa took the center stage for March Madness! According to the media and the sports channels, Kansas was favored... View More
March 19 2010
One of the more recent evolutions in the industry has been the creation of a new niche servicing a demographic that is not only a must for club owners to take note of, but it also represents a potential... View More
March 10 2010
Frustration -- that was the look on my old friend’s face as I walked into the club last week and headed up to do my cardio. Irritation -- that was the look on my face because I despise cardio so... View More
Feb. 17 2010
While I was as the health club the other day doing my cardio, I looked down from the mezzanine and saw at least a dozen trainers working their clients out and whipping them into shape. I really enjoy seeing... View More
Feb. 10 2010
Too often, we trainers are eager to take credit for amazing results our clients receive. We think (especially those of us new to the industry) that we somehow are responsible for changing our clients'... View More