Sometimes our clients need tough love. Your client's spouse, mom, best friend and coworkers are all telling her what she wants to hear: "You've worked hard today. Don't do it if you dont feel like it." Or, "Come on, just one more onion ring wont hurt." You are the only person in her life that is actually advocating for her best interest.

    And sometimes doing what's in our own best interest sucks. It's uncomfortable, it hurts, it makes you sweat... it's just plain lousy. That's why people need to have someone in their lives, like their trainer, who doesn't cater to their excuses. Someone who demands compliance and expects success. Someone who cares for them enough to say, "Get your butt in gear. You are wasting your time and mine. You deserve better than this behavior."

    One of my clients calls it her "come to Jesus speech." And she needs one every so often. New trainers often believe if they're too tough, it'll scare clients away. The opposite is usually true. Because I respect this client enough to give it to her straight, she keeps coming back... and improving her behaviors along the way.