BY A-ha
June 13 2008
There's plain sight, and then there are the most powerful thoughts that can steer and redirect the course of a business: insights! Hindsight is valuable. It's the reassessment of the relationship when... View More
June 10 2008
It is a common occurrence for a man and woman to wish to workout together, particularly when they have a joint goal such as losing weight. The challenge for the fitness professional is to design an exercise... View More
May 9 2008
I am beginning this article less than an hour after retuning from a 90-minute bike ride on an absolutely perfectly sunny day with a clear blue sky, a cool breeze and rolling terrain covered in bright green... View More
April 22 2008
As fitness professionals, you know more than anyone how important physical fitness is to overall wellness. With the rise of obesity and society's consistent embrace of fast-food indulgencies, the fitness... View More
April 21 2008
The water is hot this summer, and more and more people are turning to aquatic fitness to achieve their health and fitness goals. With over 6.6 million people training in swimming pools across the United... View More
April 9 2008
In our hurry to solve problems, we forget that the key to solving them lies at the root. This is my major lament with the poorly named youth obesity problem. We are not treating the cause. As I have often... View More
March 17 2008
Few topics get me riled up like that of exercise gimmicks and the outlandish claims made by their promoters that saturate the fitness industry. Spend a few sleepless hours watching infomercials this weekend,... View More
March 17 2008
In the increasingly competitive fitness industry today, an emerging client is the injured athlete. Whether discussing an adolescent soccer player recovering from a knee injury or the middle-aged adult... View More
March 7 2008
There has been a lot of skepticism around magnetism over the last decade. Many of you have probably heard many claims, and maybe some of these you couldn't even explain, except by ascribing them to the... View More
Feb. 26 2008
There has been a lot of skepticism around magnetism over the last decade. Many of you have probably heard many claims, and maybe some of these you couldnt even explain, except by ascribing them to the... View More
Feb. 18 2008
Most fitness professionals not only want to grow but also excel in their chosen fitness field and be recognized for their accomplishments. Being provided with opportunities to develop both professionally... View More
Jan. 14 2008
Whenever I come into contact with a coach or trainer who preaches the virtues of machine-based strength training for young athletes, the same argument is typically offered: machines are safer for kids... View More
Jan. 14 2008
The word "certification" headlining an article is enough to send shivers up my spine. It's a tired, controversial subject and has been unfairly scrutinized at times, although there are admittedly abuses... View More
Dec. 18 2007
Nearly 80 million US adults have cardiovascular disease (CVD), resulting in a 314 billion dollar price tag. So it is no wonder that those in the fitness industry are on a constant mission to improve those... View More
Nov. 16 2007
It takes passion, knowledge and salesmanship to make it as a personal trainer. Now it's time to use these same competencies to achieve a new personal best in your income, the factor that allows you to... View More
Nov. 16 2007
Well before you became a trainer, you probably noticed people who descended upon the gym in droves every January. By March, they were long gone. Looking back with the knowledge I've gained, I wonder how... View More
Nov. 16 2007
After five years as Club Manager, you are promoted to Vice President. Your first task is to fill your position and find someone to manage the club. Do you: · Promote... View More
Nov. 1 2007
When new clients hand fitness professionals their credit card, they are ready to change. But too often, our clients do not have the necessary tools for behavior change, resulting in these clients becoming... View More
Sept. 24 2007
Don't let the name fool you. Online personal training is not just for remotely training clients on the Internet anymore. Sure, any independent trainer or fitness facility operator can launch their own... View More
Aug. 24 2007
Health clubs are enjoying a robust growth, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), with memberships up more than 30% since 2000. In the past year alone, this... View More