During this time of year, we are placing many things in abox and wrapping them up to look great. The only think we cannot keep in thebox this part of the year is our creativity! We, as professional trainers, haveto think outside of the box to not only keep our clients motivated, but alsofind a way to fill the voids we may have in our schedule due to holidaytraveling. A void in our schedule could mean a void in our paycheck!

There are ways to becreative that will not only bring value to your clients (even if they aretraveling), but also to you and your economic world. Try these three tips andsee what else you can come up with.

Tip 1: Advertise a traveling workout program. Many peoplelove to travel during this time of year, but they do not want to lose themomentum they have gained over the past year with their hard work. Unfortunately,they may not be going to a place where a fitness facility is readily available.Offer to design workouts using resistance bands and regular household items. Maybea client that would train three days a week could double up on the weeks beforeleaving town to learn the traveling regimen. This will ensure that allsessions for the month they would normally train with you are accounted for. Encouragepeople to continue moving forward with their progress while on the go!

Tip 2: Advertise your free times for holiday-availableclients. With many of your existing clients out of town for the holidays, you havemore openings in your schedule for a couple of weeks, but the holidays meanthat there are opportunities to fill those openings with different clientele. Thosevisitors that are in town on holiday that are dedicated to their fitness progresswill find their way in to your club. You will also see faces of people thatcome much earlier in the day due to work schedules. Many times I found therewere clients who wanted to train with me. The challenge was that their scheduledid not allow them the time to take advantage of using my services. Now thatthey are off for the holiday, they are no longer bound by work schedules andcan get at least one good week of training and education under their beltrather than holiday candy! And the only way for these potential clients to knowyou have an opening is to tell them. Be sure the advertisement it is a holidayopening only so you do not overbook and bump off an existing client.

Tip 3: Family training packages can be fun. Advertise apackage for a week where a significant other can train with an existing client.Many of my clients wanted their spouse to see how hard they are working at thegym and wanted to challenge them to do what they had been doing during theirtime with me. This idea allowed me to not only have fun with the client andtheir spouse, but in many cases, it also turned the spouse into a regularclient as well. Sometimes, it put an end to a client's spouse asking them todiscontinue training due to the costs involved.

Whatever creative method you use, remember to make it awin-win idea. Your clients have to see the value in the special that you arerunning and you have to still make a living during a time when people arecommitting their finances to family gifts, travel and food. With the holidaysat your doorstep, if you fail to plan for success, a wreath won't not be theonly thing you'll be hanging! Happy training and Happy Holidays!

Mike McDaniel is an authority of leadership, goal-setting disciplines, sales strategies and corporate physical fitness. He has been a professional trainer for over 18 years and owned two health clubs, employing over 75 personal trainers. Mike can be booked for speaking engagements, sales training or consultant at www.askthewhyguy.com.