Functionally Fit-Med Ball Throw
Aug. 16 2023
Working to improve and/or maintain dynamic stability in the lower kinetic chain can reduce injury risk, decrease joint pain, and improve performance. Further, having the ability to produce and absorb... View More
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Aug. 15 2023
As fitness professionals, we are uniquely qualified to contribute to society in ways that are both personally and professionally rewarding... View More
personal trainer client
Aug. 8 2023
As a fitness professional, you have the ability to play a critical role in extending healthcare and closing the gap for clients. Chronic diseases and health concerns can be debilitating. Genetics have
July 26 2023
“Not everyone needs to be flexible, but everyone NEEDS to be pliable,” is a quote that really resonated with me when I was sitting in on my Level 1 Pliability Stretch™ Technique (PST)... View More
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July 25 2023
You may have noticed that competition is a bit fiercer, that consumers have more choices than even before to solve their problems. The era of transactional relationships has come to a screeching halt... View More
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July 24 2023
This exercise is an excellent way to promote optimal scapular stability and rotator cuff strength... View More
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July 18 2023
When you think about managing performance of your team members, I am sure, like myself, you tend to think of two areas: revenue and experience. We must have revenue to create the best experience, yet... View More
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July 13 2023
As personal trainers, our clients only spend about two to five hours a week with us and yet we are relied upon heavily for our expertise — and with that, an expectation to deliver results... View More
July 12 2023
The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) brings to market a fundamental and impactful new course - Fostering Inclusivity in Fitness - giving fitness professionals the tools they need to cr
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July 12 2023
Poor rotator cuff strength and limited endurance can contribute to shoulder pain and impingement in overhead athletes and clientele... View More
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July 6 2023
Exercising safely and effectively is important at any age, but it becomes even more crucial as your clients enter their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond... View More
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June 27 2023
When clients say they are now doing things they haven’t done in years or never even dreamed possible, you know you are changing lives!... View More
June 19 2023
Continuing education is the standard to maintain certification status but can also be utilized as a marketable tool to enhance your credibility and showcase new skills... View More
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June 13 2023
Improving muscle endurance in overhead athletes should be a focus with-in shoulder strengthening programs. This theraband exercise will enhance shoulder health and performance... View More
June 12 2023
In 21 years, I’ve managed to create three things that went viral online. That is one viral piece of content every 7 years. Truthfully, that is a far better average than most who may never create... View More
June 6 2023
Personal trainers often start their careers as employees at a commercial facility... View More
June 2 2023
The number one problem with marketing in the fitness industry is something we call “pitch marketing.”... View More
June 1 2023
The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) brings to market a one-of-a-kind Virtual Pilates Instructor Program... View More
May 26 2023
At the start of each year, fitness professionals are off to the races with new dreams, goals and plans for growing their business... View More
May 25 2023
Did you know that a large percentage of your clients may regain all the weight they've lost within just one year? Would you like some evidence?... View More