Jan. 28 2020
In 1999, The Sopranos and Family Guy made their television debuts, Britney Spears released “Baby One More Time,” and Ricky Martin was “Livin’ La Vida Loca...”... View More
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Jan. 24 2020
When you are asked to design a program for a new client, the information you need includes an appraisal questionnaire, an assessment of the level of activity current and past and client goals... View More
Nov-Dec 19 Feature 3
Jan. 21 2020
Understanding how to increase retention means understanding why members left in the first place... View More
Nov-Dec 19 Feature
Jan. 15 2020
Colleagues from all corners of the industry shared with us trends and insights of what they anticipate in 2020. From social media and employment trends to the competitive landscape, it is still obviou
Functionally Fit 1-15-20
Jan. 14 2020
In the prior column, I demonstrated how to do resisted upper body reaches to increase shoulder and pillar stability. This exercise introduces a diagonal movement pattern while seated on the stability... View More
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Jan. 2 2020
Delivering performance feedback to employees is something that few business owners or managers enjoy doing, nor are very skilled at. Being able to give effective feedback is one of the most impactful skills... View More
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Jan. 2 2020
Glenohumeral and scapular stability is important for those involved on overhead lifts, overhead sports and repetitive overhead activity... View More
Jan 2020 TOTM
Jan. 2 2020
Sharon Bourke, our January 2020 PFP Trainer of the Month winner, has dedicated almost 30 years to the fitness industry... View More
Squat Machine Jack 1
Dec. 30 2019
Jack LaLanne talked-the-talk and walked-the-walk for more than 80 years. His mission was to help people help themselves and to teach that exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand... View More
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Dec. 30 2019
This sequence using the new BOSU® NexGen Balance Trainer links two drills into a flowing movement pattern that challenges upper body strength and endurance, balance, mobility and core stabilization
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Dec. 17 2019
Developing total body strength and power is always a goal for athletes. More specifically, building rotational explosiveness is beneficial for athletes participating in sports such as tennis, soccer... View More
Dec. 9 2019
On Wednesday, November 13, 2019 in Orlando, FL, female directors, managers, trainers and medical personnel, both experienced and novice, from health and wellness facilities all over the USA, gathered... View More
Dec. 6 2019
The 2020 PFP Trainer of the Year winner will be announced on Monday, December 10th at 3pm ET / 12pm PT on PFP’s Facebook Page... View More
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Dec. 3 2019
Improving shoulder strength/stability along with pillar stability is essential for injury prevention and optimal movement... View More
Group Kickboxing Shot-PFP
Nov. 27 2019
Angela Moore, our December 2019 PFP Trainer of the Month winner, has empowered countless individuals far beyond exercise... View More
Involve news copy
Nov. 21 2019
Brand activation firm Involve LLC is excited to announce the opening of its Seattle office... View More
Isometric Split Squat
Nov. 19 2019
Strengthening the quadriceps in the presence of knee pain, chondromalacia or arthritis can be challenging... View More
Nov-Dec 19 Williams
Nov. 15 2019
If you are a small business owner, then you know how hard it can to be find awesome employees... View More
Nov-Dec 19 Lancombe
Nov. 15 2019
Keeping up with trends is an integral part of remaining relevant as a fitness professional, and trends are moving into and out of our industry faster than ever before... View More
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Nov. 8 2019
PlayCore Holdings, Inc.. a designer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of play and recreation products, has acquired Dynamax, a manufacturer and supplier of medicine balls... View More