April 10 2024
When it comes to online marketing, the default way of thinking for most fitness business owners is that they’re one magic funnel, ad, or campaign away from creating a flood of new business... View More
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April 10 2024
The Hurdler warm up exercise is great for static balance on top of warming up our hips for activity... View More
March 29 2024
As fitness professionals, we have probably heard or assumed that resistance training with fROM is superior in every aspect compared to pROM. However, is this the case?... View More
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March 28 2024
Strong movement requires healthy feet, and healthy feet require daily attention. Acting as our foundation, our feet experience repetitive forces unlike any other part of our body... View More
March 26 2024
Just as we coach our clients to measure their goals for success, we too must have our own goals for business, otherwise it’s never going to evolve... View More
March 26 2024
If you’re like most business owners, you want more referrals. The problem is, the way we approach getting referrals is usually pretty disconnected with the way that referrals actually happen. Most... View More
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March 20 2024
Your clients are doing hip bridges, squats and lunges. Your clients are committed; they show up; they do the work; they progress loads, yet something is off. They never “feel” their glutes... View More
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March 12 2024
Jumping jacks can be a great warmup exercise, or simply a great transition exercise to get clients heart rate elevated.There are endless combinations and here we show just six varieties... View More
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March 11 2024
Insufficient shoulder strength and poor scapula-thoracic stability can increase injury risk and decrease performance in overhead athletes. This exercise links the shoulder, torso and hips while focusing... View More
train youth female athletes
March 8 2024
Before 1972, approximately 290,000 female athletes played organized sports. After Title IX was implemented, we have seen incredible growth in female participation in organized sports... View More
March 7 2024
Founded in 1981 as IRSA and later transitioning to IHRSA, the association will now operate under a new name: Health & Fitness Association... View More
Feb. 29 2024
When it comes to promoting the overall health and longevity of our clients, preserving and maintaining muscle mass should be a top priority... View More
Feb. 28 2024
I have always coached my students that personal training is what you do, a fitness professional is what you are. How this is defined will be different in various business models, but the need to have... View More
Feb. 28 2024
If you are ready to set yourself apart from other trainers and programs working with older adults, then consider adding cognitive fitness to your training repertoire... View More
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Feb. 26 2024
As a fitness professional, you’ve probably mastered the art of crafting tailored training and nutrition programs for your clients... View More
Feb. 12 2024
SportsArt is inspiring the next generation of eco-leaders to create a more sustainable planet with its Campus Challenge sweepstakes that will provide one lucky, grand prize-winning campus recreation c
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Feb. 12 2024
Winter is a great time to create extra at-home drills for your clients... View More
Feb. 1 2024
We have become a culture who poorly plans our finances, and it is not only wrecking our personal lives but it has a tremendous impact on the work we choose to do... View More
Jan. 24 2024
Continuing education is a popular topic in the fitness industry. Between the continual need to stay current with credentials, the specific requirements you must meet and the annual live events that... View More
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Jan. 23 2024
Fitness professionals usually make one of two mistakes when it comes to spending money. In one scenario, they spend money on whatever feels good in the moment rather than basing it on a system or comp