Feb. 25 2020
Technology has taken over fitness. Everywhere you look, your potential clients are tracking their workouts and nutrition on their watches and phones, downloading how-to videos from the internet, and j
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Feb. 25 2020
An average client sees a fitness professional three times a week; that’s a total of about three hours. Three hours out of 168 hours in a week; 12 hours out of 672 in a four-week span. One of the... View More
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Feb. 24 2020
This exercise is done using a BOSU® Ballast Ball and BOSU® Balance Pods. It is considered an advanced exercise. Any clients with pre-existing upper body restrictions, injuries, or limitations... View More
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Feb. 19 2020
Seven in ten business leaders today are worried about their ability to adopt new technologies, according to the 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index... View More
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Feb. 18 2020
Are there any blue oceans really left in the fitness industry? Maybe everything has already been played out — same pig, new lipstick... View More
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Feb. 17 2020
The most common issues that plague post-mastectomy patients are Upper-crossed Syndrome (UCS) and range of motion limitations in the affected shoulder... View More
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Feb. 14 2020
There comes a point in the career of many personal trainers when the idea of opening a personal training studio or gym seems like the only next logical career step. Many trainers would say they’ve... View More
Feb. 11 2020
Have you ever been in a low place financially? Maybe it was significant debt, creditors harassing you, or perhaps you even came close (or worse) to losing the house or car... View More
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Feb. 4 2020
Melody L Schoenfeld, our February 2020 Trainer of the Month, started training in 1996. Having been bullied growing up, Melody was surprised to learn as an adult that she had real physical strength —
Functionally Fit 1-29-20
Jan. 29 2020
To optimize dynamic balance and stability, I prefer to use single-leg stability exercises... View More
Jan. 28 2020
In 1999, The Sopranos and Family Guy made their television debuts, Britney Spears released “Baby One More Time,” and Ricky Martin was “Livin’ La Vida Loca...”... View More
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Jan. 24 2020
When you are asked to design a program for a new client, the information you need includes an appraisal questionnaire, an assessment of the level of activity current and past and client goals... View More
Nov-Dec 19 Feature 3
Jan. 21 2020
Understanding how to increase retention means understanding why members left in the first place... View More
Nov-Dec 19 Feature
Jan. 15 2020
Colleagues from all corners of the industry shared with us trends and insights of what they anticipate in 2020. From social media and employment trends to the competitive landscape, it is still obviou
Functionally Fit 1-15-20
Jan. 14 2020
In the prior column, I demonstrated how to do resisted upper body reaches to increase shoulder and pillar stability. This exercise introduces a diagonal movement pattern while seated on the stability... View More
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Jan. 2 2020
Delivering performance feedback to employees is something that few business owners or managers enjoy doing, nor are very skilled at. Being able to give effective feedback is one of the most impactful skills... View More
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Jan. 2 2020
Glenohumeral and scapular stability is important for those involved on overhead lifts, overhead sports and repetitive overhead activity... View More
Jan 2020 TOTM
Jan. 2 2020
Sharon Bourke, our January 2020 PFP Trainer of the Month winner, has dedicated almost 30 years to the fitness industry... View More
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Dec. 30 2019
Jack LaLanne talked-the-talk and walked-the-walk for more than 80 years. His mission was to help people help themselves and to teach that exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand... View More
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Dec. 30 2019
This sequence using the new BOSU® NexGen Balance Trainer links two drills into a flowing movement pattern that challenges upper body strength and endurance, balance, mobility and core stabilization