medical fitness
Sept. 28 2020
Explore these non-traditional avenues to earn income and make an impact... View More
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Sept. 23 2020
Split squats offer an effective way to improve lower body strength and stability. This exercise variation using a kettlebell offers a dynamic version with multiple progressions to challenge balance an
Sept. 8 2020
Fitness professionals have experienced a sharp pivot in recent months — from live group fitness experiences and one-on-one coaching to the world of virtual fitness. As gym closures began to hit the
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Sept. 8 2020
Improving shoulder and core/hip stability to control body weight is critical for athletes and weekend warriors. The traditional thread the needle is effective at this, but I find it is often a bit too
Sept. 1 2020
September 2020 PFP Trainer of the Month... View More
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Aug. 26 2020
We can model for our clients not only ways to be physically healthy but mentally healthy as well... View More
Aug. 25 2020
Tracy Markley is a Fitness Specialist and Educator whose career in the fitness industry has spanned over two decades. She holds numerous specialty certifications, including several for those with me... View More
Aug. 12 2020
Let’s start with a little-known sales secret: all value is perceived value. While one prospective client may value a complimentary session, another may prefer to purchase your paid trial that includ
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Aug. 12 2020
This is an advanced exercise that should be reserved for clientele who have sufficient upper body strength and shoulder/core stability to perform it... View More
IRONMAN 2018 Finish
Aug. 3 2020
Christine Conti, our August PFP Trainer of the Month, has been making a difference in the industry for over 20 years. Christine is a former All-American Collegiate volleyball player who was diagnosed... View More
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July 15 2020
Weakness in the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius is often cited in contributing to patellofemoral pain, hip pathology and even back pain. Lateral brides (planks) have been shown to be effective ways
July 7 2020
Christian Thompson, Ph.D., our July Trainer of the Month, is an industry vet who has been making a difference for the last 16 years. His work in the industry spans from working in the trenches leading
July 2 2020
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June 24 2020
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June 24 2020
It’s time to stop blaming millennials for their “work ethic” and “sense of entitlement” and start taking responsibility as business leaders for maximizing their potential
June 19 2020
Throughout the past few weeks, we’ve all been immersed in navigating the pandemic, both personally and professionally. During this time, it's become pretty apparent to me that business owners are... View More
June 10 2020
The future of fitness is trending toward an online presence... View More
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June 2 2020
Glenohumeral and scapular stability is important for those involved on overhead lifts, overhead sports and repetitive overhead activity. The ability to sustain pillar stability and resisted unwanted m
June 2 2020
Eric Chessen, our June 2020 Trainer of the Month, has been making a difference in the fitness industry for the last 17 years. Having had an opportunity to run fitness programs for teens with autism, h
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May 29 2020
Our colleagues share their ideas as we navigate through these unprecedented times... View More