Follow these three-dimensional movement patterns for core strength with some effective balance challenges!
Functionally Fit PFP Resisted Lateral
Lateral quickness and explosiveness is an essential component for athletic performance
Learn strategies that can help clients move more functionally throughout their activities of daily living (ADLs) by focusing on activating the posterior muscles
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The "Bosu Ball Rebound" drill can be done anywhere with minimal equipment requirements.
To maximize glute work for function, performance and aesthetics, we can create the optimal glute demand by working in all planes and along multiple vectors.
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Strengthening the gluteus medius and hip stabilizing musculature is important for injury prevention and optimal performance.
The BillyStix 6-Part Workout Series works upper body, lower body, abs & core, cardio, balance, coordination, and agility.
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American Ninja Warrior and Spartan Elite Athlete Rose Wentzel helps Andrew demonstrate a great combo with the Core Hammer and 10# Medicine Ball from Power Systems.
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This exercise integrates upper body training, lower body training, core work, cardio work, dynamic balance and deceleration.
Functionally Fit-Med Ball Throw
Working to improve and/or maintain dynamic stability in the lower kinetic chain can reduce injury risk, decrease joint pain, and improve performance.
Let BOSU® Master Trainer Kaitlin Zuloaga take your clients through this glute sequence.
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Try these 3-dimensional Core-Tex progressions that feel amazing and achieve thoracic mobility improvements in just minutes.
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This exercise will help work on end range horizontal external rotation and improve posterior shoulder strength.
Hydro Training will challenge core strength, stability, and stabilizer muscles.
Improving muscle endurance in overhead athletes should be a focus with-in shoulder strengthening programs. This theraband exercise will enhance shoulder health and performance.