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Limbo-Pelvic and hip weakness may predispose people to pain or dysfunction. Improving lateral pillar strength can reduce injury risk and optimize movement and stability. The following exercise progressions offer a sequential way to challenge clients while maintaining proper alignment.
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The customer experience is the cornerstone of any successful fitness business, and never has that been more important than now!
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Take your clienteles’ leg day to the next level with some BOSU® Balance Trainer squat variations. Check these variations out and subscribe to the official BOSU® YouTube channel to learn more approved BOSU® workouts that you can incorporate into your routines.
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This exercise can serve as a corrective exercise or warm-up prior to initiating heavier training with multi-joint lifts, jumping or cutting activity.
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Strengthen the posterior chain, chest and lower body with this challenging movement
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Watch Nordic Body Academy Founder and Jane Fonda’s Trainer, Malin Svensson, explain the benefits of using Nordic Walking Poles.