So while the front plank is useful, why don't you try a few more variations — the combinations really become endless.
Join FiTOUR® ProTrainer, Dolly Stokes, to learn strategies to improve your client’s function and balance as they navigate curbs or stairs.
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Tightness in the hip flexors can lead to muscle imbalances, poor pelvic positioning and even contribute to back pain. This exercise utilizes reciprocal muscle inhibition to facilitate a comfortable, yet effective stretch.
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The Hurdler warm-up exercise is great for static balance on top of warming up our hips for activity.
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This exercise of the week is an example of challenging core movements within a Tabata-style workout.
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Learn how to perform five beginner-friendly knee exercises. These exercises help strengthen your knees and promote overall joint health and mobility.
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Learn how to incorporate functional stair climbing drills to help clients perform their activities of daily living (ADLs) with ease. Explore a functional movement pattern to help navigate curbs and stairs.
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Below are functional podiatrist Dr Emily Splichal's 4 Tips for Healthy Feet and Strong Movement
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From these six you will realize the combinations are endless and you can add rotational movement patterns, diagonal directions and so many more to create an endless of array of jumping jacks.
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Short on time but craving a solid full body workout? Armor up with these 5 FitFighter favorite moves to help you MoveSTRONG and challenge your whole body with this heart pumping and muscle blasting circuit.
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Performed with suspension straps, this challenging movement builds lower-body strength and power; it is an excellent cardiovascular exercise as well.
The Sidekick Kneeling exercise isolates the leg movement from the torso and is perfect for enhancing stability and balance.
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Here is a sample of some at-home balance drills I created for our clients — so they have zero excuse to get something productive done even when they are stuck at home.
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One of the easiest and most effective ways to get the client connected to their foundation is through an exercise called forward lean.
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These three variations of lunging exercises, using the unique Hydro-Inertia® feature of the Surge® Storm, challenge total body strength and core stabilization.
For those with tight hips, a routine stretching and/or mobility routine may be helpful.
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This exercise is a simple march in place — a simple exercise for most, but it can challenge balance as it prolongs our single leg stance since our foot is off the ground a little longer than normal.