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Learn how to put the core to work during HIIT with the following intensity variations: skate with a curtsy squat; abdominal crunches on a stability ball; rear lunge; and back extensions on the stability ball.
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Workouts can easily become boring for your clients, causing them to lose interest. You can change that for your clientele by adding new, functional equipment into your routine. The BOSU® Surge® utilizes water as its source of weight making the weight fully adjustable for different needs of your clients. Training with unstable resistance is proven to increase your overall strength. Watch BOSU® Master Trainer Steph Paulson demonstrate 3 beginner exercises with the BOSU® Surge®.
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Mountain Climbers with planes of movement variations is a great addition to your Boot Camp, Athletic Style, or HIIT workouts.
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Watch Nordic Body Academy Founder and Jane Fonda’s Trainer, Malin Svensson, demonstrate three common static stretches with a different perspective – using poles! Many of your 50+ clients will enjoy a new way of walking – Nordic Walking – and a new way of stretching using the poles. This simple tool will help them feel safe while improving their flexibility.
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Water, it’s unpredictable, fierce, and powerful. Training with water or Hydro Training is a useful method to train your clients. Hydro Training will challenge core strength, stability, and stabilizer muscles. Watch the video to see how products like the BOSU® Surge® can help you harness the benefits of Hydro Training for your clients. Hydro Training is already used by elite trainers and athletes around the globe.
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Limbo-Pelvic and hip weakness may predispose people to pain or dysfunction. Improving lateral pillar strength can reduce injury risk and optimize movement and stability. The following exercise progressions offer a sequential way to challenge clients while maintaining proper alignment.
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The customer experience is the cornerstone of any successful fitness business, and never has that been more important than now!
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Take your clienteles’ leg day to the next level with some BOSU® Balance Trainer squat variations. Check these variations out and subscribe to the official BOSU® YouTube channel to learn more approved BOSU® workouts that you can incorporate into your routines.
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This exercise can serve as a corrective exercise or warm-up prior to initiating heavier training with multi-joint lifts, jumping or cutting activity.
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Strengthen the posterior chain, chest and lower body with this challenging movement
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Watch Nordic Body Academy Founder and Jane Fonda’s Trainer, Malin Svensson, explain the benefits of using Nordic Walking Poles.