A squat can be used to train the 3 Pillars of Fitness — Cardio, Strength and Mobility — depending on what type of squat you do!
Hip tightness and limited mobility can impact the overall health of the lower kinetic chain and lower back. This exercise provides a simple way to work on hip mobility and stability at the same time using a sliding disc.
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Strengthen glutes and quads while stretching the inner thigh with this powerful movement
These squat and lunge variations on the BOSU® Balance Pods will challenge and add value to your clienteles’ routine.
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Hip adductor strains are a common problem for some athletes. This exercise offers a mobility option that can be done using a sliding disc to increase elasticity and warm the hip prior to more intense activity.
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In this demonstration, Dolly Stokes shares two movements that can be incorporated into your HIIT classes.
Follow these three-dimensional movement patterns for core strength with some effective balance challenges!
Watch today as Dolly Stokes shares a method to help your clients perform the Hip Flexor Release using a small ball.
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This week FiTOUR® ProTrainer CarolAnn explores how to perform a challenging core movement, the pike, with the suspension trainer.
To maximize glute work for function, performance and aesthetics, we can create the optimal glute demand by working in all planes and along multiple vectors.
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How to perform a challenging core movement with the suspension trainer.
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Attempting to improve thoracic rotation by forcing the body into a stressful, maximal end range is counter to what our nervous system interprets as safe. Using the smooth, rhythmical motion of Core-Tex, we employ an "ask don't tell" strategy that produces immediate results.
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Let BOSU® Master Trainer Kaitlin Zuloaga take your clients through this glute sequence on the BOSU® Balance Pods. This sequence will leave your clients’ glutes burning!
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Check out this workout where Power Systems Master Coach, PJ Stahl, breaks down two of the PowerWave™ exercises used in his programming for his coaches and clients at his facility.
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Learn how to put the core to work during HIIT with the following intensity variations: skate with a curtsy squat; abdominal crunches on a stability ball; rear lunge; and back extensions on the stability ball.