Functionally Fit PFP Resisted Lateral
Lateral quickness and explosiveness is an essential component for athletic performance
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Strengthening the gluteus medius and hip stabilizing musculature is important for injury prevention and optimal performance.
Functionally Fit-Med Ball Throw
Working to improve and/or maintain dynamic stability in the lower kinetic chain can reduce injury risk, decrease joint pain, and improve performance.
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This exercise will help work on end range horizontal external rotation and improve posterior shoulder strength.
Improving muscle endurance in overhead athletes should be a focus with-in shoulder strengthening programs. This theraband exercise will enhance shoulder health and performance.
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This exercise can be safely implemented to help facilitate quad strength for those limited by anterior knee pain.
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Some people struggle to perform the copenhagen bridge due to the long lever challenge or even feel actual muscle strain during the exercise.
This exercise will focus on serratus anterior activation using a foam roller and resistance band.
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The ability to move efficiently in triple flexion and control the body as it moves to the side is important for injury prevention and performance.
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This exercise is intended to improve upper body strength, scapular stability and shoulder health.
Training the body with asymmetrical loading will help reduce injury and improve performance.
Hip tightness and limited mobility can impact the overall health of the lower kinetic chain and lower back. This exercise provides a simple way to work on hip mobility and stability at the same time using a sliding disc.
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Hip adductor strains are a common problem for some athletes. This exercise offers a mobility option that can be done using a sliding disc to increase elasticity and warm the hip prior to more intense activity.