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Jan. 19 2024
One of the easiest and most effective ways to get the client connected to their foundation is through an exercise called forward lean... View More
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Jan. 18 2024
Welcome back! Last issue in part 1, we set the foundation to re-build post-rehab client tissue tolerance. Re-establishing tissue tolerance alone, however, is not enough to train movement performance... View More
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Jan. 16 2024
Hip mobility varies among people. Some have limited range of motion, while others have excessive mobility. For those with tight hips, a routine stretching and/or mobility routine may be helpful. Howev
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Jan. 9 2024
This exercise is a simple march in place — a simple exercise for most, but it can challenge balance as it prolongs our single leg stance since our foot is off the ground a little longer than normal
Jan. 5 2024
At Functional Aging Institute (FAI), we talk all the time about training your clients for ‘need to do,’ ‘like to do,’ and ‘want to do’ activities... View More
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Dec. 13 2023
This exercise targets the hamstrings and aims to improve strength in a lengthened position... View More
Functionally Fit PFP Resisted Lateral
Nov. 8 2023
Lateral quickness and explosiveness is an essential component for athletic performance... View More
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Oct. 10 2023
Multi-joint exercises are effective for building strength, improving cardiovascular conditioning and improving dynamic mobility and stability... View More
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Sept. 12 2023
Strengthening the gluteus medius and hip stabilizing musculature is important for injury prevention and optimal performance... View More
Functionally Fit-Med Ball Throw
Aug. 16 2023
Working to improve and/or maintain dynamic stability in the lower kinetic chain can reduce injury risk, decrease joint pain, and improve performance. Further, having the ability to produce and absorb... View More
personal trainer client
Aug. 8 2023
As a fitness professional, you have the ability to play a critical role in extending healthcare and closing the gap for clients. Chronic diseases and health concerns can be debilitating. Genetics have
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July 24 2023
This exercise is an excellent way to promote optimal scapular stability and rotator cuff strength... View More
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July 12 2023
Poor rotator cuff strength and limited endurance can contribute to shoulder pain and impingement in overhead athletes and clientele... View More
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July 6 2023
Exercising safely and effectively is important at any age, but it becomes even more crucial as your clients enter their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond... View More
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June 27 2023
When clients say they are now doing things they haven’t done in years or never even dreamed possible, you know you are changing lives!... View More
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June 13 2023
Improving muscle endurance in overhead athletes should be a focus with-in shoulder strengthening programs. This theraband exercise will enhance shoulder health and performance... View More
May 11 2023
You may recall working with a client that sometimes lacked motivation, signed up to work with you then disappeared for a while or missed appointments... View More
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April 25 2023
Patellofemoral pain and chondromalacia patella (CMP) can restrict a client’s ability to perform traditional strength training exercises. Pain with loading and movement can also inhibit quadriceps... View More
April 17 2023
Personal training has evolved beyond sets and reps. We’re learning more and more that strength is just one component of our program design... View More
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March 7 2023
The traditional copenhagen bridge is commonly used to address muscular imbalances and adductor weakness... View More