Jan. 18 2023
A great trainer today will have the same foundational qualities as a great trainer will have 10, 20, 50 and 100+ years from now because the universal principles of training never go out-of-date... View More
Dec. 7 2022
It is often said that we should give our clients “a combination of what they want and what they need.” Instead, I prefer to say training is about giving our clients “what they need to... View More
Dec. 2 2020
Think of the best trainers that you’ve ever met or worked with. Chances are, it was mainly their personality, not their knowledge or letters behind their name, that impacted you the most... View More
Dec. 22 2017
Fitness professionals generally fall into one of four categories based on their interest and efforts in pursuing their continued education... View More
July 1 2017
How we think, how we act and how we communicate all determine how successful we are as fitness professionals. Here’s why fitness professionals should use the philosophy of Think like a skeptic,... View More
Feb. 3 2014
There are lots of continuing education courses out there, and you have limited time and funds to invest. In order to help you to choose the educational direction that will best benefit you, here are five... View More