Jan. 15 2010
After being in the fitness business for years, it’s easy to get a little jaded toward New Year’s resolutions. When 95% of people go back to their old habits by February and gyms that are packed... View More
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Jan. 13 2010
Briancontinues his Functionally Fit shoulder miniseries with tubing externalrotation pulls, a great exercise for rehab programs. The purpose of thisexercise is mainly to strengthen the posterior rotator... View More
Jan. 8 2010
If you're into fitness, the rules are in your favor. For several decades, six-figures has been and remains the holy grail for success and achievement; however, the majority of people never hit that level... View More
Dec. 28 2009
You know the situation: Your reliable client is suddenly late, and she arrives breathless and frazzled. It’s your job to not only provide the best and safest workout possible but also help her feel... View More
Dec. 28 2009
In today’s stressful world, it’s common for clients to come to the gym not-so-revved up for their workouts, stressed because of the economy and wanting a fast fix for their fitness issues.... View More
Dec. 23 2009
Editor'sNote: This is the second in a two-part series highlighting onlineeducationalprograms for fitness professionals. Part one explains... View More
Dec. 23 2009
Editor'sNote: This is part one of a two-part article that addresses onlinelearningfor fitness professionals. This first part addresses onlinedegreeand college certificate programs. ... View More
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Dec. 9 2009
Briancontinues his Functionally Fit shoulder miniseries with prone horizontalabduction raises. The purpose of this exercise is mainly to strengthen therotator cuff and works great in a rehab program.See... View More
Dec. 9 2009
Yourtraining practice doesn't turn into a real business until you're managingemployees, in my opinion. It's when you're attending to the priority of growingyour business and your employees are doing everything... View More
Dec. 9 2009
If you like a come-from-behind story, onethat pits human will against all odds, then IronHeart, the memoir of triathlete Brian Boyle, is the perfect holiday read.Boyle's car wreck that left him for dead... View More
DB Shoulder Rotation Start_web
Nov. 24 2009
The Functionally Fit shoulder-targeting miniseries continues with a look at the dumbbell shoulder rotation. This exercise is great for those with internal rotation limitations and those having impingement... View More
Nov. 11 2009
If you’re a fan of high-intensity, low-duration exercise, you’ll love this book. Physician Doug McGuff teamed up with bodybuilding leader John Little to outline the science behind maximizing... View More
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Nov. 11 2009
Brian continues with part three of Functionally Fit shoulder miniseries. This time, he provides two super-simple mobility exercises great for improving shoulder flexion and diminishing shoulder impingement... View More
Nov. 4 2009
It's usually only magicians that are thought to be able to create something out of nothing, but personal trainers can do it, too. And that something we create out of nothing are our personal training sessions.... View More
Upper Body Box Step-up Start_web
Oct. 29 2009
Functionally Fit continues with part two of its shoulder miniseries. In this installment, Brian details a three-step routine, upper-body step-ups, along with a bonus BOSU version! See 'Related Resources'... View More
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Oct. 14 2009
Functionally Fit starts a new miniseries, this time targeting the shoulder. Part 1 takes a look at an exercise using a BOSU balance ball, and it's perfect for stability training. See 'Related Resources'... View More
Oct. 14 2009
This book is a must-have for any fitness professional who is serious about affecting large-scale change. Motivating People to Be Physically Active applies the psychology of change to the one-one-one, group,... View More
Oct. 7 2009
It's clear that personal training is a career, but does everyone view it that way? I'm not sure, because at least from my experience, the career progression for a trainer in the fitness industry wasn't... View More
Oct. 5 2009
Using humor in your personal training sessions By Anthony Goldsmith My father often used humor in his workplace. This made him very popular with his co-workers, made it a fun place to work and also made... View More
Sept. 29 2009
You literally cannot take the “personal” out of personal training. Working with clients hands-on, watching over them and even getting a little sweat on you at times is ingrained in the job... View More