Everyarticle and new program seems to focus around those whomaketheir yearly pilgrimage to a treadmill in order to becomehealthy.But what about your clients who have been diligentlytrainingfor the last year or for several years? Maybe they've seen stunningsuccess- or maybe they feel stuck in a routine. Here are some ways tobuildupon those successes and nudge bored clients out of their ruts:

  • Set long- and short-term goals. Ask clients to write down three goals for the next few months and one long-term goal in a fitness journal on the first page. Focusing or refocusing on the milestones you want to hit is a great motivator.
  • Set rewards when you hit benchmarks. When your client hits that goal, encourage him or her to reward him or herself with something that isn't food-related. Accomplishments should be celebrated and not ignored.
  • Track your progress. Many successful clients suddenly lose track of their progress because they're not measuring anymore. Encourage clients to write down pedometer steps, weekly body composition, weight on their scale and also to keep track of food intake.
  • Hold them accountable. When a client wonders why they're stuck on their plan or gained a few pounds, say something like, "Let's look at our training schedule. You did miss four appointments last month and there was that vacation in Cabo. Remember those tacos and fried ice cream?" By nicely reminding them of what's actually happening, it will be a wake-up call to get back on track.
  • Have them create the body of their dreams. I love to ask clients to take a small shot of their face and paste it on their dream movie star or athlete's body. It's an instant reminder of what's at the end of the rainbow. Make several copies, and keep them handy. That photo can stop a pizza binge or going to the mall instead of the gym.
  • Tell clients to surround themselves with lifelines. They will want to be with people who celebrate their success and talk to them during weaker moments. If they have friends who are fitness-minded, then encourage them to form a little support group and celebrate with a hike, a bike ride or a healthy meal together. The main point is to have others around who are positive influences and happy to give that pat on the back - even if that back is a little sweaty from the gym.

JJVirgin, PhD, CNS is a celebrity wellness expert,publicspeaker, media personality and author of SixWeeksto Sleeveless & Sexy. Visit www.jjvirgin.com totake her free quiz, "Are You Weight Loss Resistant?"ââand receive her monthly LEANzine.