April 27 2010
With all the craze over functional training, there has been endless confusion over what is "functional."â❠In a nutshell, if your training improves your activities of daily living, then it... View More
April 14 2010
Salesin its traditional sense, is a weird subject for personal trainers. Ifyou're familiar with my articles in PFP, you know that most of my advice isdesigned to help you sell yourself. If you get good... View More
April 14 2010
Brian continues his miniseries targeting the core with single-leg/single-arm diagonals, which are perfect for those clients seeking a greater challenge with three-dimensional movement. See 'Related Resources'... View More
Swimmer Plank Start_270x180
March 24 2010
Brian continues his miniseries targeting the core with the swimmer plank, which is great for the core and posterior chain. Ensure, however, that your client has sufficient shoulder stability before undergoing... View More
March 17 2010
From talking to hundreds of people in this industry, we all have a different story about how we got started in it. That's because personal training today doesn't have the same set career path as most other... View More
March 17 2010
Fitness boot camps are a dime a dozen in mostareas. Gyms have boot camps, run-of-the-milltrainers offer boot camps, and there are the trainers in adifferent league because they runhigh-quality, results-driven... View More
March 15 2010
Swimming and yoga actually have a lot in common because both focus on breathing diaphragmatically (deeply from the middle body) and also moving the body in rhythm along with the breath. So a great way... View More
March 15 2010
There is nothing that says "home sweet" home quite as much as making your house a place that fosters great health. I believe that motivation starts within the walls of your casa. As you have seen with... View More
Tripod T Roll Start_270x180
March 9 2010
Briancontinues his miniseries targeting the core with tripod T rolls, which aregreat both for obliques as well as shoulder stabilization, and that's just afew of its uses! See 'Related Resources' below... View More
March 9 2010
Fitness on the Ball is a great resource for specificexercises for all abilities or for creating workouts with specific themes (balance,core, etc.). Each exercise includes clear photos and descriptions... View More
Stability Ball Ab Circle (Start)_270x180
Feb. 24 2010
Now Functionally Fitmoves towards the center of the body in the first entry of the core miniseries.In this progression, Brian Schiff analyzes stability ball ab circles, a greatexercise for the entire core... View More
Feb. 15 2010
Given the tremendous increase in the popularity of kettlebell training over the past few years, you may already be aware of the need to incorporate it into your programming. But what if you aren't sure... View More
Feb. 12 2010
As personal trainers, our jobs for the most part are brain-dead simple. Sure, we studied, we have certifications, and many of us went to college to learn what we know, but here’s the irony: We rarely... View More
Cable Cross Reverse Arm Pull Down Start Back_180x2
Feb. 10 2010
This is thelast in a series of Functionally Fit exercises designed for the shoulders.Cable cross-arm reverse pull-downs are designed to strengthen downward rotationand retraction of the scapula and bring... View More
Feb. 3 2010
Whenit's official that a specific client is suffering from a true-bluehangover,integrating yoga into a workout can helpeasethe symptoms of a throbbing headache, excess fatigueandthe after-effects of dehydration,... View More
Feb. 3 2010
It's 4:30PM, and like a child waiting on thelast schoolbellbefore summer break, youare waiting for 5:00so that you can bustout of the officeand head to the gym. You'rejazzed to meetyour friend there who... View More
Feb. 3 2010
Everyarticle and new program seems to focus around those whomaketheir yearly pilgrimage to a treadmill in order to becomehealthy.But what about your clients who have been diligentlytrainingfor the last... View More
Jan. 29 2010
Motivation doesn’t work. It is an emotion: “I feel motivated.” And anyone over the age of 19 knows that emotions are fickle, subject to change for no apparent reason. It doesn’t... View More
SB serratus push-up plus start_270x180
Jan. 27 2010
Keep workingon those shoulders as we continue with Brian Schiff's Functionally Fitminiseries with the push-up plus, floor variations. The purpose of thisexercise is to increase overall shoulder strength... View More
Jan. 25 2010
Like most trainers, I have many clients who run. A runner myself, I definitely encourage running as a beneficial form of physical conditioning and mental relief. However, I’m not an... View More