Sept. 28 2012
I was recently at a small fitness business seminar, and it was a very worthwhile event. Even though I have two high flying bootcamp studios that are among the top if not the top such facilities in the... View More
Aug. 23 2012
With private training and even group training, it's mind-boggling how much time we spend with our clients -- more time than pretty much any other person in their lives. Despite time, I think very few trainers... View More
July 23 2012
If you're jumping into this business right now and are looking to begin providing for yourself from the get-go, there's one key piece of advice I have for you, and please don't forget it: You need to treat... View More
Aug. 17 2011
It's been nearly five months since I opened my private indoor bootcamp facility. As you can imagine, the first few months were rough, but now we're rolling. I have a great location, a great staff, and... View More
June 29 2011
If you're a fitnessentrepreneur, you no doubt understand the value of keeping an optimistic andpositive outlook on how you tackle your daily activities and long term plans. That'swhat keeps you dreaming,... View More
April 25 2011
Theinternet is strange in that you can express desires you couldn't or wouldn'tadmit to anyone else, anywhere else. Googlehas become everyone's best friend.Thismatters because we can get accurate and almost... View More
March 25 2011
For this installment of mymonthly column, I want to hit you with a BIG IDEA. Do you want to know thesecret to success for personal trainers and fitness business owners? And on theflip side, what causes... View More
Feb. 28 2011
Therewas a time when I was once an innocent trainer with a very humble view of whatit meant to make it in the fitness business. I was looking at what everyoneelse was doing and based my plans off of that.... View More
Jan. 27 2011
LeonardoDa Vinci said "Simplicity is theultimate sophistication." While we may not always take life and careeradvice from Leonardo Da Vinci, that little bit of advice shouldbe kept in mind when designing... View More
Dec. 22 2010
What do Katy Perry, Catherine Zeta Jones, and a gecko lizard have in common? Before your mind jumps to some perverted fantasy, let me tell you what I’m getting at: All three of them are spokespeople... View More
Nov. 12 2010
When it comes to boot camps and group training, you'll find most trainers have an either/or attitude. You'll find them taking a stance behind one or the other business model and defending their position... View More
Oct. 8 2010
Some of you reading this might be a littletoo young to remember, but there was a comedian back in the '80s when I wasgrowing up named Rodney Dangerfield. He's the guy that used tocomplain about how he... View More
Sept. 17 2010
Even though it was a ton of work, I have to tell you that being a trainerbecame fun once I had my own training studio. Despite the fact that I madeevery possible mistake in the beginning and put in 70-hour... View More
Aug. 20 2010
There are so many traps, bad habits and status quo behavior that fitness trainers can fall into that this job can just downright suck at times. It's one of the reasons why career burnout so prevalent.... View More
July 23 2010
If you're familiar with the training industry, you know some trainers start their own businesses, take off, build stacked client rosters and rapidly grow their business from there. Others don't do quite... View More
June 16 2010
If you're an independent personal trainer that's been doing welltraining clients one-on-one, there's still an urge that I'm sure hasbeen calling to you... It's the desire to expand the size of your training... View More
May 14 2010
There'sa lot more to punctuality than just a few wasted minutes; it's amatter of self-esteem, respect and image. You communicate a lot by how youvalue your time and the time of others. Valuing time management... View More
April 19 2010
It was January 12, 2010, when I watched in horror as the images of the Haiti earthquake flashed on my television. I purposely do not watch the news, but today I couldn't help myself. I couldn't believe... View More
April 14 2010
Salesin its traditional sense, is a weird subject for personal trainers. Ifyou're familiar with my articles in PFP, you know that most of my advice isdesigned to help you sell yourself. If you get good... View More
March 17 2010
From talking to hundreds of people in this industry, we all have a different story about how we got started in it. That's because personal training today doesn't have the same set career path as most other... View More