After being in the fitness business for years, it’s easy to get a little jaded toward New Year’s resolutions. When 95% of people go back to their old habits by February and gyms that are packed full in January have vacant parking lots by spring, no one could fault us for doubting the effectiveness of the New Year’s tradition.

However, it’s a tradition I believe we should embrace, not only because it’s an annual boon to the fitness business but because at least once a year, folks are taking stock of their lives. Rather than muddling mindlessly through their daily endeavors, they come up for air in early January and decide to take positive action. Hooray!
It’s our job as fitness professionals to extend that period of conscious, mindful action as long as we can for both our clients and our communities.

As a member of their health professional team, we’re the only ones consistently telling them that they can achieve their goals, and we’re willing to invest our effort alongside theirs, just to prove we believe in them. With one more person in the world believing in them, maybe they’ll be part of the five percent that breaks through the resolution meltdown and makes their lives healthy… for good!