March 25 2008
As millions of Americans cut down on carbohydrates and sugar, the sales of artificial sweeteners have been booming! Some people worry about artificial sweeteners possibly because they are called artificial.... View More
March 17 2008
Obesity is killing our country, and it is no longer just an "adult disease." Unfortunately, the associated co-morbidities are not either. The statistics are startling: The number of overweight children... View More
March 7 2008
There is nothing more frustrating than making the effort to get your clients in better shape, only to find them sidelined from your routine by a back injury. While people tend to recognize the risk of... View More
March 7 2008
Before I continue, allow me to point out the difference between uncovering the abdominals and conditioning the abdominals. Uncovering involves fat loss in the midsection, while conditioning involves training... View More
Feb. 18 2008
Fitness trade journals report a 50% growth in Pilates from 1999. Both consumers and trainers have been educated by fitness journals, magazines and the standard media hype. Pilates has been touted as the... View More
Feb. 18 2008
If losing weight were easy, two out of three Americans would not be overweight, and one out of three would not be obese. The only thing more difficult than losing weight, though, is not regaining some... View More
Feb. 18 2008
Robyn Naymick-White has been drawn to physical activity for as long as she can remember. "I was a competitive skater, played softball, ran track and danced in the local ballet company," she says.... View More
Feb. 18 2008
What is Core Movement?The visible motion we see is the result of voluntary movement of superficial muscles. The beauty of that movement relies on complex patterns deep within the CNS (central nervous system).... View More
Feb. 12 2008
Through both my articles and seminar series, I discuss the Art of Coaching quite frequently. The Art of Coaching infers that it is not what you know as a coach that matters its how you can relay it to... View More
Jan. 14 2008
One of the most rewarding things about being a personal trainer is the experience of positively impacting your clients' lives. It is even more inspiring when you see this impact being spread through your... View More
Jan. 14 2008
Acquiring clients may not seem effortless to you, but I have a feeling that if Sherlock Holmes, the remarkable detective in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's murder mysteries, were commissioned to attain clients... View More
Jan. 8 2008
If I told you stretching was good for you, I would certainly be stretching the truth. There are many accepted ways of facilitating muscle lengthening,... View More
Nov. 28 2007
Since there are more than 77 million tennis enthusiasts in the US, according to Sports Illustrated, and tennis is the number one female sport in the US, there is a good chance you have a client who plays... View More
Nov. 16 2007
Raw foods, and green foods in particular, have been consumed since the beginning of time. Hunter-gatherer tribes depended as much, if not more, on what staples they could forage in the wild as what they... View More
Nov. 7 2007
The National Council on Youth Sports is reporting that kids are joining two, three or more teams at once. The NCYS Reports on Trends and... View More
Nov. 7 2007
We all know that sleep is absolutely critical to feeling and looking our best every day. Quality and quantity of sleep takes front and center stage when it comes to our physical, mental and emotional performance... View More
Oct. 8 2007
It's the age-old question, "How do you help clients reach personal goals if they won't help themselves?" Odds are you have struggled with this question before. As a new trainer, you may have continued... View More
Sept. 24 2007
Metabolism is almost a mythical word. Everyone talks about it, yet few really know what it is. In fact, it's not uncommon to hear clients say things like, "My metabolism is slow," "I shut down my metabolism... View More
Aug. 23 2007
It is well documented that while exercise may not cure many of the illnesses and diseases that are brought on by aging, it can definitely help to slow down or even reverse some of the adverse affects... View More
Aug. 23 2007
One of the most important characteristics that separate the great trainers from just the good ones is the ability to understand what's really working and to project the fitness trends to come in the months... View More