Diagonal Hip Flexor Lunge Step (start)
March 23 2011
Brian demonstrates an exercise designed to improve hip mobility while also increasing strength and stability in the front side leg. See 'Related Resources' below for past Functionally Fits and other exercises... View More
Stationary (Profile Start)
March 9 2011
From Brian: During my assessments, I always utilize lunges in all three planes to observe and pick up movement dysfunction. So many times as fitness professionals, we are eager to use lunges as a solid... View More
Feb. 28 2011
Therewas a time when I was once an innocent trainer with a very humble view of whatit meant to make it in the fitness business. I was looking at what everyoneelse was doing and based my plans off of that.... View More
RDL Hip Driver (start)_0
Feb. 9 2011
Brian demonstrates an exercise that will help increase hip mobility/stability, hamstring flexibility and desirable strength and balance for optimal physical performance in your clients. Note: Some... View More
Jan. 27 2011
LeonardoDa Vinci said "Simplicity is theultimate sophistication." While we may not always take life and careeradvice from Leonardo Da Vinci, that little bit of advice shouldbe kept in mind when designing... View More
Reverse Diver Start
Jan. 19 2011
In his latest Functionally Fit column, Brian offers an exercise to activate and strengthen the extensor muscles, rhomboids and lower trapezius for reduced shoulder pain.See 'Related Resources' below for... View More
BOSU SL Stick (start)_0
Jan. 5 2011
In his latest column, Brian demonstrates anexercise that will help prevent ACL injuries and increase ankle stability, among other benefits. See 'Related Resources' below for past Functionally Fits and... View More
Dec. 22 2010
What do Katy Perry, Catherine Zeta Jones, and a gecko lizard have in common? Before your mind jumps to some perverted fantasy, let me tell you what I’m getting at: All three of them are spokespeople... View More
Crossing Lunge Start
Dec. 21 2010
In his latest Functionally Fit, Brian demonstrates two versions of crossing lunges, both of which are good for increasing hip strength and stability.Note: These lunges can be done moving in a forward orbackward... View More
Assisted Hip Flexor Stretch Start
Nov. 22 2010
In the latest edition of Functionally Fit, Brian adds tubing to add support and increase continuity of the Hip Flexor Stretch. This exercise is good for relieving hip and abdominal tightness, both contributors... View More
Nov. 12 2010
When it comes to boot camps and group training, you'll find most trainers have an either/or attitude. You'll find them taking a stance behind one or the other business model and defending their position... View More
Nov. 10 2010
In a continuation of his BOSU series, Brian demonstrates an exercise that is great for a total-body workout, especially swimmers and throwers looking to improve scapular stability and trunk control. See... View More
Oct. 27 2010
In a continuation of his BOSU Balance Trainer series Brian demonstrates an exercise to increase shoulder and core strength and stability, a great exercise for overhead athletes. See 'Related Resources'... View More
Oct. 15 2010
I'm sure you've heard it a million times: "Don’t give away your services. It devalues you as a professional. Doctors don't give away their time." As a professional, you should charge your normal... View More
Oct. 13 2010
In a continuation of his BOSU Balance Trainer series, Brian combines the plank and Balance Trainer to create a simple exercise for improving core strength and stability. See 'Related Resources' below for... View More
Oct. 8 2010
Some of you reading this might be a littletoo young to remember, but there was a comedian back in the '80s when I wasgrowing up named Rodney Dangerfield. He's the guy that used tocomplain about how he... View More
BOSU Lateral Reach Start (Dome Side Up)_0
Sept. 22 2010
In a continuation of his BOSU Ball series, Brian adds the BOSU Ball to the Single-Leg Lateral Reach to create a great exercise for injury prevention, general strengthening, ankle/knee/hip rehab and performance... View More
Sept. 17 2010
Even though it was a ton of work, I have to tell you that being a trainerbecame fun once I had my own training studio. Despite the fact that I madeevery possible mistake in the beginning and put in 70-hour... View More
Sept. 8 2010
In the first of a series of exercises to do with a BOSU ball, Brian demonstrates BOSU Ball Split Squat Diagonal Chops, which can be used to improve balance, hip strength/stability, hip flexor extensibility... View More
Sept. 1 2010
The house the carpenter builds is only as good as the tools andthe materials with which he has to work. It is vitally importantthat we bring along the right tools in order to be the best trainerand best... View More