We celebrate our kids pretty well. As a mom of a recent high school graduate, I attended athletic, academic and scholarship banquets, grad parties and even a senior sunrise breakfast celebration. We recognize our kids’ accomplishments and shine a light on their effort behind the scenes to achieve it.

From early morning practices, to late night homework sessions, from community involvement to school clubs, our kids have their hands full. It’s our hope that they feel valued, seen and inspired to keep setting goals. We work hard to provide them structure, positive reinforcement and even rewards.

Somewhere in adulthood, this behavior gets lost. The pressures of work, household bills, loans, relationships, travel, raising families and life become overwhelming. Add our own health and fitness to that mix and sometimes our days end up one jumbled to-do list. We stop holding ourselves accountable and people stop noticing our progress. Rewards come to a screeching halt

As fitness professionals, we can positively influence our clients’ behaviors and recognize their achievements. The power of accountability never gets old, and neither do hard-earned rewards. At Bay Athletic Club in Alpena, Michigan, we have systematized recognition so clients keep winning. When our clients complete 20 workouts in their first two months, they earn a custom BAC t-shirt. When our clients complete 100 and 200 workouts in a calendar year, they earn personalized gifts — stadium chairs, sweatshirt blankets, lunch coolers, sweat towels, long-sleeved shirts, beach towels and more.

Clients love keeping track of their check-ins, they are less inclined to skip and are proud to earn a reward for a positive behavior. We take their picture and share it on a huge bulletin board inside the club as well as on our social.

During the summer months, when adherence can get shaky, we double down on rewards. In May, we host a “Check in Challenge” with prize drawings. The more they come, the more entries to win a basket of summer goods like SPF, water bottles and gas cards. In July, we host a “Fitness Doesn’t Take the Summer Off” promotion. Clients earn a custom tank top for completing a bingo card and attending 12 group exercise classes. We have done this for 10 years and have dozens of members who have earned every single tank. When clients win, we win. Systemize your rewards and recognition.

Trina Gray is a leading entrepreneur in the fitness industry with 20 years of experience from the trenches to the top. She owns Bay Athletic Club, an award-winning medical based health club in Michigan. She is a seven-figure working mom leading the industry on her terms. She broke barriers in corporate wellness. She founded a top online coaching team with Beachbody, called Team Rockstar Fit. She helps women in fitness expand their income to reach more people, outside of sessions and classes. She’s a sought-after presenter and mentor, who has simplified her life. Connect with her at www.teamrockstarfit.com or on Instagram @trinagray.