Oct. 29 2009
There's a popular idea within fitness and business communities that says it's more important to get something done fast rather than doing something well, an idea summed up in sayings like "Ready, Shoot,... View More
Oct. 21 2009
When I began personal training, like most trainers, I thought about what my niche should be. I had just retired as a professional football player and I was burnt out from training at such an intense level.... View More
Oct. 14 2009
In every training certification I've seen, the importance of planning and documenting a client's workout and improvement is well-stated. However, it's easy, especially with long-term clients, to slip into... View More
Oct. 14 2009
In the last few months, I have seen a few great articles and comments on articles about all of the new trends and gadgets in exercise equipment. While many of us who have been in the industry see eye-to-eye... View More
Oct. 5 2009
The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) announced today that an out-of-court settlement was reached in its Fair Practice Lawsuit against the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)... View More
Sept. 29 2009
I have spoken with, consulted with and come across countless trainers who opened or aspire to open their own gyms or training studios and begin with the idea of getting a bank loan and/or investment partners.... View More
Sept. 24 2009
I have yet to work at a gym or studio that didn't require me to do some amount of cleaning up after myself, after my clients and around the gym in general. It's just part of the job. However, as the owner... View More
Sept. 16 2009
In this month's column, I would like to touch on something that has been a constant since I started All Canadian Fitness in 1993: adversity. You will get to know it early in your career. If you let it... View More
Sept. 14 2009
US yogis are being asked to regulate more than their breathing - and they are fighting back. About 50 yogis gathered in New York recently to discuss hiring a lobbyist and raise funds to fight a state proposal... View More
Sept. 9 2009
The one thing that really attracts all of us to someone else is feeling like that person really, really likes us. Think about it. It doesn't matter whether you are dating or creating a professional client... View More
Aug. 27 2009
I just finished up a phone interview with a successful trainer and studio owner. During that interview, she said something more profound than I think she realized. I asked her - given the benefit of hindsight... View More
Aug. 26 2009
For the past several months, we’ve discussed marketing your fitness business every which way to Sunday, and I admit, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Not to worry, though; there’s... View More
Aug. 26 2009
A budget crunch and a tight economy have squeezed many businesses, and the business of personal training is no different! Experienced trainers are looking at ways to service clients and offer variety in... View More
Aug. 26 2009
Well, you are finally ready to do it. You are going to open your very own personal training studio. I know how you must feel; I was there myself two years ago. I was excited and very nervous at the same... View More
Aug. 13 2009
Years ago, when I was training at a health club, I witnessed the success of one trainer and the demise of another. The first trainer was young, new to the industry, and eager. He made his share of mistakes... View More
Aug. 12 2009
We live in a fast-paced world. Ideas, inventions, trends and tastes all come and go at lightning speed. What's hot is soon... not. Pagers to cell phones, cell phones to Blackberries, email to instant messaging... View More
Aug. 8 2009
We work so hard to try and figure out the magic marketing equation that it seems counterintuitive to ever, ever fire a client. After all, somebody paying you good money for that hour - no matter how annoying... View More
Aug. 7 2009
Nucap Medical has woven a deal with OPTP (Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products) to sell SpiderTech “Pre-Cut” applications and roll format tape in the United States. Using the kinesiology tape... View More
Aug. 4 2009
OPTP (Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products) is now carrying Sanctband’s new high quality, low mess, odor free, latex-resistive exercise band. Sanctband resistance exercise bands provide both positive... View More
July 31 2009
Vortex Fitness offers a significant and new approach as a solution for fitness centers looking to affordably and practically accomodate the handicapped, as well as provide the best in service and training... View More