It's easy for us to be work-a-holics as we submit to letting our clients schedules dictate ours. Do you finish each day feeling like there never seems to be enough time to work both on and in our businesses or do the personal things you crave?

Working continually without a break will move you to a wilderness of worry, doubt, striving, discouragement and toiling over work so that you rarely feel rested physically, mentally or emotionally. Do you even remember what it's like to take an entire work day off just to do something you enjoy?

In Phil Kaplan's Be Better Program, we call it scheduling "A Day You Love," and on that day you only do things that you love. It's not a day to schedule that root canal you have been putting off or sit in a chair at the DMV. It's a day filled with only things you fully enjoy, which may include sleeping in, an outdoor workout, time with loved ones, spa treatments, being waited on at a sidewalk cafe and maybe even training a client, if that's how you want to spend a day you love.

You may or may not feel like you can or deserve to take a day off, but that's all the more reason to trust and believe that a day out of our normal routine can be just as fruitful as a work day. I have found that taking an afternoon off to hike with my kids around the lake and have a picnic at a scenic spot allows for more creative juices, more calmness and a greater sense of well-being and accomplishment than spending those hours at my desk, pounding at the keyboard on my latest project. I return refreshed with new perspective.

No matter what circumstances you are facing, a day you love including a day of rest can bring you the greatest increases. Why does it make sense to those who continuously labor and toil over work that it's normal to be tired, worn out or burned out to be successful?

I invite you to schedule a day you love on your calendar before the month's end. Then next month, schedule two. I contend that they are the best days of your month and that you continue to schedule them monthly. I'd love to hear how taking time for restful increase adds to the balance and abundance in your life.

Kelli Calabrese, MS, is the Master Coach of Phil Kaplan's Be Better Program, Adventure Boot Camp and IMPACT. For more information, go to or contact her at or 817.490.1296.