I’ve never met a trainer who didn’t profess to love his/her job. However, I’ve seen many trainers drag themselves through the gym door just in time to make the session and offer up a lackluster workout to a client desperate for inspiration.
So what gives? Why would trainers who love what they do only put forth minimal effort? Admittedly, it is tough to be on top of your game for each and every workout, especially if you’re training eight or more people per day, but it becomes much easier when you’ve defined your purpose.
Is your purpose to make a living or transform lives? Do you see yourself as an assembly line technician, herding clients through workouts to make as much that day as possible? Or do you see yourself as each client’s guide, their coach, leading them to optimal health and touching them in a way that no one else can? Have you consciously claimed who you want to be and how many you want to affect, or do you just react, living day to day and hoping to pay the rent? One vision creates work you love, and the other creates work. It’s all a matter of choice.


What is your average annual income for your fitness-related work/business?