Aug. 1 2011
IN an industry with no state licensure and no trueregulation over certifications, any and everyonecan seemingly become a personal trainer.For most companies, an exercise science degreeis not required and,... View More
July 20 2011
If you are a recent graduate of a degree program or a newlycertified fitness instructor, personal trainer or strength coach, welcome tothe wonderful and ever-changing world of fitness. Some of us got into... View More
July 6 2011
Many fitnessprofessionals are often daunted and overwhelmed by the concept of"marketing." It is often thought of as synonymous with"hard-selling," making quick, pressured sales or simply having agreat... View More
July 6 2011
In the spirit ofour next issue's focus of building your business, The Go-Giver should be on the bookshelf of all who aspire toachieve any level of success in business and personal growth. The book iswritten... View More
June 30 2011
June 29 2011
If you're a fitnessentrepreneur, you no doubt understand the value of keeping an optimistic andpositive outlook on how you tackle your daily activities and long term plans. That'swhat keeps you dreaming,... View More
June 27 2011
Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is on yourshoulders? Do you walk around feeling like nothing will get done unless you doit personally? Do you wish that there were 34 hours in the day instead... View More
June 22 2011
Ourindustry has proven that peopleloveto exercise in groups. Today'smoreprogressive health clubsandworkout facilities are makingdramaticchanges in their layoutsandalso in their target markets tooffertheir... View More
June 22 2011
Over the last several years, more and more tools and gadgetshave been addedto a fitness professional's toolbox. With the clutter in ourtoolboxes, we oftenforget the tools that got us to where we are.Let's... View More
June 22 2011
WhenI was first certified, I was under the impression thatmyknowledge base and my ability to identify muscularimbalancewas going to help me get more clients.Iwas wrong and ultimately felt frustrated by... View More
May 24 2011
Much has been written about getting past "plateaus." The concept assumes that at one time, you were actually moving in a positive direction and that you are now... stuck. It is frustrating beyond belief... View More
April 19 2011
This month, Dietary Supplement University is "diggingin" to one of the most popular dietary supplements to date. And for goodreason -- there's actually research to support it: Creatine monohydrate. First,some... View More
April 18 2011
As the seasons change from winter to spring, it is a natural time of year to "clean up" your life. Your house, your garage and your wardrobe... why not do the same with your business? It seems to be a... View More
April 14 2011
As fitness professionals,we should always be looking for that next tool or training method that willhelp our clients achieve a higher level of success. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) notonly helps our clients... View More
April 13 2011
Do you find yourself in awe when you're watching someone who's incredibly great at what they do? Maybe it's an amazing musical talent or an athlete who seems to be light years above the competition like... View More
April 7 2011
"Pushups for Charity is a great way to get the public involved in fitness and support a VERY worthwhile cause… the Wounded Warrior Project." – President George H.W. Bush See the video... View More
March 28 2011
Each morning at 5:30, I meet 60 women in a parking lot who are anticipating an hour of high-intensity, fat-incinerating, body-shaping, heart-enhancing, energy-boosting, muscle-strengthening and life-changing... View More
March 28 2011
What happens when a success-driven Manhattan girl abruptly leaves her international marketing career to get back to her fitness roots? She transforms the lives of thousands of women, builds a highly successful... View More
March 25 2011
For this installment of mymonthly column, I want to hit you with a BIG IDEA. Do you want to know thesecret to success for personal trainers and fitness business owners? And on theflip side, what causes... View More
March 23 2011
As an entrepreneur, my business has evolved over the years. Likemost trainers, I started off looking for as many clients as possible. Imeasured success by the number of sessions I, personally, did each... View More