At the start of each year, fitness professionals are off to the races with new dreams, goals and plans for growing their business. Yet too many of them want to fire up their engines and take off down the track before understanding the real work required to set up their business for long-term success.

Unconventional thinking: Where you need to start

When most people think about growing their business, their mantra is: “I just need more leads and clients.” They’re incorrectly focused on quick-fix sales and marketing tactics without understanding the real work required to set up their business for long-term success.

That line of thinking almost always leads to a dead end. When things aren’t where you want them to be with your business, it’s easy to think, “Oh, I just need more clients. More clients will equal more revenue, and that will solve all my problems!” But don’t settle for surface-level thinking! Do the work with UNCONVENTIONAL thinking to identify root causes and address critical areas that MUST be handled in order to create lasting profits, increased revenue and happiness.

Growth questions to 10x your results

Every fitness business needs good answers to key questions that drive your business forward.

You likely have answers to these questions right now; they’re just not as good as they need to be in order to grow to the next level. But when you commit to doing the work required, you’ll consistently move from CONFUSION to CLARITY.

We like to call these the 5 most powerful fitness business growth questions, which are:
  1. What does success look like and how will you get there?
  2. Where do you find (and how will you sign up) new prospective clients?
  3. How do you serve the market in a unique and powerful way?
  4. How will you increase revenue, cash flow and profitability to ensure continued success?
  5. How will you look after yourself, have fun and enjoy the journey?
You can see how each question will force you to consider your blind spots. Once you’ve identified areas of confusion (or weakness), then invest the time to find better answers and solutions. As you get better answers to these questions, you will have increased FOCUS.

Focus increases power. And more POWER will allow you to do all the good things you want to do (and more) in taking your business (and life) to the next level.

Truth is, there’s some hard thinking and planning that needs to be done before you hit the accelerator on new client acquisition if you want to ensure consistent business growth this year.

That’s why, if you’re serious about wanting to:
  • Find and fill your schedule with high-paying clients you love working with
  • Install great systems into your business to run smoothly (and make a profit!)
  • Start (or continue) building a team to grow the business with you
Then… invest time in doing the work that allows you to make 2020 your best year ever in the fitness industry. The best is yet to come!

Sean Greeley, founder and CEO of NPE, has an unrelenting passion for empowering fitness business owners to grow their business and create the life they want. Since 2006, NPE has helped over 45,000+ fitness professionals and business owners in 96+ countries grow to the next level.