The number one problem with marketing in the fitness industry is something we call “pitch marketing.” Pitch marketing is when you run ads, emails, offers, posts, etc. straight-out asking for the sale. No warm up. No education. No value. No follow-up. This can feel very sales-y and be very ineffective as it only works for three percent of the market that wants to buy right now.

What you may not know is that every time you market this way you are missing out on the 67 percent of those who need more knowledge about what you do and how it’s going to help solve their problems. They need more nurturing and connection before choosing you for their solution.

Begin to utilize education-based marketing (EBM). EBM is the process of delivering a series of content-rich, value-driven marketing campaigns that educate your prospects about the problems, common misconceptions and the solution.

It gets the audience’s attention, entices people to read or watch more because they have a genuine interest in finding out more about the problem and how to fix it. It creates the reason WHY your prospect needs what you offer and why they need it NOW.

Examples of this would include content like:
  • "3 Reasons You Struggle with Yo-Yo Dieting and How to Finally End It Once and For All"
  • "The #1 Strategy To Finally End Low Back Pain Without Meds, Injections, or Surgery"
  • "Top 5 Ways to Gain More Speed and Get Off the Bench and Into the Starting Rotation"

You can see from these examples how EBM is powerful because:
  1. You educate your market about who you serve.
  2. You educate about what pains you solve.
  3. You educate how you solve those problems in a systemized and proven way that separates you from your competition.
Setting this up is an easy process with the automation of online funnels. You can automate your lead generation and have qualified hot leads showing up in your business around the clock.

Vito La Fata, is co-founder of The Visionary Planner and Fitness Profit Systems. A marketing and brand building specialist Vito, coaches his students to build a brand as true visionaries looking to shape the world and their life in bigger and better ways. For free trainings on 5 Steps to Build Your Online Business, head to or