The traditional copenhagen bridge is commonly used to address muscular imbalances and adductor weakness. It can also be used for injury prevention as part of a comprehensive strength and conditioning program. With that said, some people really struggle to perform it due to the long lever challenge or even feel actual muscle strain during the exercise. The modified or short lever version is an effective alternative.

Begin in a side-lying position(left side down) with the left leg straight and beneath the exercise bench and the left forearm on an exercise pad. Place the right hand on the right hip. Position the right knee/lower inner thigh on top of the bench while keeping the knee bent 90 degrees. Next, press the right knee/thigh into the bench and elevate the hip and leg away from the floor. Hold for 20 -30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat. Perform 1-3 sets on each side.

1. Increase the hold time.
2. Perform isotonic repetitions with a slow steady cadence
3. Advance to a full copenhagen bridge

Additional Notes:
In addition to targeting and strengthening the adductor muscle group, this exercise is an excellent way to improve integrated lateral pillar stability and strength. It can also be utilized to address strength imbalances and serve as an injury prevention strategy for athletes.