Feb. 1 2013
In the last column, I reviewed an exercise for the serratus anterior designed to improve scapular stability. I am continuing with another great elastic shoulder strengthening exercise. Many people are... View More
T-Band Serratus Push-up (top)
Jan. 15 2013
Maintaining healthy shoulders is vital for successful and long term resistance training. Over time, normal wear and tear as well repetitive use can cause shoulder dysfunction. Optimizing scapular stabilizer... View More
Jan. 10 2013
The start of any New Year brings with it renewed hope, energy and the ever present myriad of resolutions by which we pledge to do more, do better and live our lives with more determination. As business... View More
Tall Plank w Sliding Hip Flexion (start)
Jan. 1 2013
Building pillar strength is important for clients and athletes alike. Specifically, improving anterior rotational stability is important for optimizing movement patterns and reducing injury risk. Execution:... View More
Dec. 15 2012
In order to meet the goals, needs, and demands of each person that will walk through our doors we must have a solid understanding and complete mastery of the Nine Governing Principles of Exercise Science.... View More
Dec. 15 2012
Many of the clients and patients I see struggle with glute activation and pelvic stability. Imbalances and injuries often lead to poor postural control and the inability to maintain a level pelvis in single... View More
A-P Reach (start)
Dec. 1 2012
Runners are often sidelined by overuse injuries. One of the primary reasons is they move poorly. This is compounded by the fact that running entails single leg stability, and most runners have asymmetries.... View More
Nov. 15 2012
Another installment in a series of exercises featuring BOSU, Brian demonstrates an exercise that helps improve a client's range of shoulder motion. It is common to assess clients with latissimus... View More
Nov. 15 2012
At the end of every year I'm always looking for ways that we can improve. I ask myself these 3 questions: 1. How can we expand our reach? By this I mean, how can we affect the lives of more people in our... View More
Sliding Shoulder Raise (Flex)_1
Nov. 1 2012
Most clients will deal with shoulder and back problems at one time or another. In many cases, they lack sufficient shoulder and core stability. Integrating closed chain work that ties the hips and shoulders... View More
HS Slider Curls (start)
Oct. 14 2012
Most clients are in need posterior chain strengthening to resolve muscle imbalances and improve performance. For example, an ideal quadriceps to hamstring ratio is 3:2, yet many female athletes tend to... View More
Oct. 14 2012
I’ll let you decide if you think I can predict the future ... Every year I write up a recap of the climbing trends of which specific fitness niches are becoming more popular based on the American... View More
Oct. 1 2012
Another installment in a series of exercises featuring BOSU, Brian demonstrates an exercise that helps improve a client's ability to maintain proper body alignment for activities such as running,... View More
Sept. 17 2012
I want to help you establish the cornerstone of your fitness business and career. I want to help you find your "why." Your why is literally why you do what you do. It's what allows you to wake up before... View More
Slide Board Lateral Lunge (bottom)
Sept. 1 2012
In my last column, I covered lunges with rotation and the implication for rotational control in athletes. Training clients with anterior knee pain is another common issue confronting many trainers. In... View More
Reaching lunge with L contralateral rot
Aug. 15 2012
Optimal knee function relies on proper hamstring strength and activation. Keep in mind a normal quad to hamstring strength ratio would be 3:2. Most females tend to be 2:1. Aside from flexing the knee and... View More
Supine Mini-Band Bridge (start side view)
Aug. 1 2012
Bridging is a common exercise used in fitness and rehab. It is very effective for targeting the gluteus maximus and hamstring muscle groups. But, aside from hip extension, bridging is very effective for... View More
July 15 2012
Becoming a top-tiered trainer is not something you're usually born into. My grandfather drove an MBTA train and my father owned an electrical business. Neither one of them worked out a day in their life.Why... View More
Chair press-up (start)
July 15 2012
Research has shown that recreational weightlifters have greater imbalances between the upper and lower trap than the general population. Therefore, performing lower trapezius work is important in this... View More
Sciatic Nerve Flossing (1)
July 1 2012
Begin in a seated position on the edge of a table (or bed) with the hands behind the back sitting tall. Next, slowly bend the head and trunk forward as you simultaneously extend the thigh. Pause at the... View More