Whenit's official that a specific client is suffering from a true-bluehangover,integrating yoga into a workout can helpeasethe symptoms of a throbbing headache, excess fatigueandthe after-effects of dehydration, all of which constitute a hangover.

  • Child's pose: Have your client sit back on their heels and spread their arms in front, barely pressing the forehead to their yoga mat, and take 10 deep breaths in and out through the nose. Gently shake their head back and forth to self-massage the head and neck and allow the body's weight to fall between the knees, and rest.
  • Plow to shoulderstand: When you invert to go upside-down during yoga, you allow blood circulation to rush to your head, which may help a headache and fatigue. First, have them lie back, and support the lower back with hands on the back. In plow, bring legs behind to touch all 10 toes to the floor in back for five to 10 breaths. When they're ready, kick one leg up at a time until both straight legs are overhead and gaze is to the belly. Spot them in case they need you to lift one or both legs up. Stay for 10 breaths without moving the head, and tell them to close their eyes if that feels appropriate.
  • Knees to chest: Coming out of shoulderstand, they should move back to plow briefly and end up in a simple knees-to-chest stretch and rock back and forth to allow oxygenated blood to circulate through their body again.
  • Savasana: Lie back with eyes closed and limbs spread gently on the floor or bed, and try to stay still and relaxed for five to 10 minutes.

Tellyour clients to replenish your body with fruit juice and water.Orangejuice replenishes vitamin C, or clients can drink a sports drinktorehydrate with minerals and electrolytes such as sodium and potassium.Eatinga banana also helps with the latter.

Clientsshould get some exercise outside of their training sessions.Walkingoutdoors or swimming or pedaling a stationary bike for 10minuteswill help fight fatigue and clear the mental cobwebs. Tell themtodrink at least two to three glasses of water before, during and afterexercisewhile they have a hangover.

BethShaw is the founder and creator of YogaFitTrainingSystems Inc. (www.yogafit.com) and is theauthorof YOGAFIT. Beth presents at all major yogaandfitness conferences and is contributor to fitnessmagazinesand an animal rights advocate. She holdsa BAin Business from Long Island University andnumerousyoga, fitness and mind/body certifications.