There is nothing that says "home sweet" home quite as much as making your house a place that fosters great health. I believe that motivation starts within the walls of your casa.
As you have seen with your clients, there is a big difference between a home that's filled with unhealthy habits and one that is dedicated to their success.
Here are a few tips to share with your clients to make sure their homes support your efforts in making them the best they can be:

  • Clear out a space for your workouts. I don't care if it's an entire spare room or just a special corner in your otherwise cramped apartment; make sure that you make your workout spot inviting. Invest in a good, quality mat, a proper exercise ball and weights. Buy some cheap weights at a discount store; they don’t have to be pretty ones. Put your family on notice that your workout spot is off -limits to everyone.
  • Keep the enemy out of the house. If you can't resist chocolate, soda, chips or whatever your vice is, then don't test yourself. It's not called willpower; it's torture! Just make sure that the enemy is not living with you. Don't use the excuse that your kids and husband need to eat these things. What better favor could you do them than to get rid of sugary or processed foods?
  • Restock with the good stuff. Now that you actually have some counter space and fridge shelves that are free, make sure you stock up on healthy treats and make them accessible to everyone in your family. Keep fresh berries in a bowl, and cut up salad greens. If it's easy and convenient, you'll be more likely to make smart choices.
  • Make your bedroom your sanctuary. You need seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night. Get rid of the TVs and computers. Keep your cell phone in the kitchen or out of the bedroom. Buy beautiful linens and comforters for your bed. Kick out the critters (pets and children), and make sure you keep the room nice and cool for great, restorative sleep.
  • Get a water filtration system. You need to drink water, not soda or sugary juices, so make sure that your water is as clean and healthy as possible. You can also invest in an alkalizing system to get an added boost from your water.

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